Chamomile Tea For Pink Eye

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Last Updated on July 11, 2022

Are you suffering from the pink eye? Know that you’re not alone. There are about 6 million people in the United States battling with acute conjunctivitis annually. Fortunately,  there are remedies.

Chamomile tea for pink eye is a popular home remedy. It can help treat pink eye by improving the appearance of your eyes. It is an affordable and natural option that you may want to try in the comfort of your home.

This content will show how chamomile can be the best remedy for pink eye.

What Is Chamomile Tea For Pink Eye?

There are different types of tea that can help treat eye problems.  To avoid chemicals,  it is advisable to go for organic ones.

Some of the herbal teas that can help deal with eye concerns include rooibos, lavender, calendula, fennel, eyebright (clary sage), fenugreek, comfrey, and chamomile.

Chamomile tea, belonging to this group, is seen to be an old-fashioned remedy for pink eye (conjunctivitis). It is a herb known for its potency due to its anti-inflammatory,  anti-irritant, and anti-bacterial properties.

What Is Chamomile Tea For Pink Eye

Since the main causes of conjunctivitis or pink eye are viruses and bacteria, the anti-bacterial properties in the tea make it a great herb to use for eye concerns.

It might be of help relieving the symptoms of pink eye by removing excess fluid draining from your eye. It can also be of help to relieve irritation and swelling

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Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is a condition characterized by swelling and redness of the conjunctiva( a thin membrane that protects the inner part of the eye).

The moment the conjunctiva swells and turns red, it may mean that the eyes are infected and thus result in pink eye or conjunctivitis.

Causes Of Conjunctivitis ( Pink Eye)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, determining the exact cause of conjunctivitis can be difficult since some symptoms may remain the same no matter the cause. Nonetheless, the following are some of the causes of pink eye.

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Allergens
  • Chemicals
  • Foreign bodies in the eye (like a loose eyelash)
  • Contact lens weak
  • Indoor and outdoor air pollution caused, for example, by smoke, dust, fumes, or chemical vapors
  • Ameba and parasites
  • Fungi

Ways To Use Chamomile Tea For Pink Eye

You can easily purchase chamomile tea bags at health food stores or local grocery stores. Dried chamomile flowers are available in bulk and you can get them in the health food store.

While buying them, you must ensure that they are organic. This is to avoid putting an inimical substance into your eyes. Chamomile tea is the natural way to treat pink eye. All you need is to know how to do it and then wash your infected eyes with it.

After making it, you may want to try it on your eye several times a day to accelerate the treatment. Doing such will diminish the inflammation and bacteria quickly. Moreso, during your treatment process, ensure you make one or two cups daily to consume. This is because pink eye may require a double treatment.

You may also want to try another way to the treatment which is placing chamomile tea bags on your eyes for about 20 minutes. In addition, you may want to consider refrigerating the tea bags for pink eye first to chill before taking it.

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How To Make Homemade Chamomile Tea For Pink Eye

Making a homemade chamomile tea for pink eye is not in any way difficult.  The basic ingredients you will need include 3 teaspoons of dried chamomile florets (per cup) and water. The required materials are a strainer (or a teapot with an infuser),  pot, and cup.


  • Start by boiling the water.
  • Pour the dried chamomile florets over into the pot
  • Put a strainer on top of the cup to separate the florets from water.
  • For drinking, you need to wait for few minutes to let the tea sit and cool, then it’ll be ready
  • For washing your eyes, you need to let the tea cool. Put a cotton ball in the tea and squeeze the liquid into your eyes.

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Chamomile Bags On Eyes – Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • Ensure you wash your hands before treatment to kill the viruses and bacteria
  • Pregnant women should avoid drinking chamomile tea to prevent birth defects or miscarriages.
  • Drinking chamomile tea has no specific limitations. You can take as many cups as you want.
  • Avoid drinking chamomile tea if you’re taking blood thinners. Blood thinners and chamomile active properties can cause a serious chemical reaction.
  • Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes
  • Ensure you use unbleached tea bags
How To Make Homemade Chamomile Tea For Pink Eye
  • Try to keep the liquid out of your eye
  • Lactating mothers can put a few drops of milk on the eye of their babies with pink eye.
  • Remove your makeup before treatment
  • Stop its use if you experience any irritation or pain. You can do this by taking some extra time every day to rest with your eyes closed.
  • Don’t take teabags containing staples
  • Avoid hot bags
  • Notify your doctor before using chamomile tea in case you’re allergic to ragweed.
  • Consult your doctor if your symptoms don’t improve within a few days or become severe.


This content has explained the basic things to know about chamomile tea for pink eye. It shows how it can be an amazing remedy for eye concerns.

Chamomile tea for pink eye has been in use for thousands of years in medicine and it has on many occasions produces positive results.  However, it is considered not as a medication but just a supplement.

Therefore, If you’re thinking of using chamomile tea for pink eye, ensure you use it as a supplement and not to replace your usual medication.

Take it regularly a day and watch as you see incremental health improvements!

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