Colloidal Silver Hand Sanitizer Recipe

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Last Updated on July 23, 2022

Wondering if you can use colloidal silver in your hand sanitizer recipe? You’d be surprised that it could prove useful in getting rid of germ and bacteria on the hand. Not to mention also benefit from the many other benefits of colloidal silver for the skin. You can find out in the sections below if you need a special recipe or want to learn more about colloidal silver. 

Why Use Hand Sanitizers?

If there has ever been a worldwide awareness of the importance of hand sanitizers, it will be with the recent coronavirus outbreak. And it was not enough to wash hands with soap and water; it was also necessary to disinfect with hand sanitizers, especially when out in public. So it could be a great idea to learn how to make your own sanitizers to stay safe at all times. 

One way kids and adults come in contact with germs and bacteria is with their hands. And while you can’t always be sure of what you pick around, you can be sure of staying safe with a hand sanitizer when you are on the go. Wondering which ingredients are best for a hand sanitizer, you can find below some of the usefulness of colloidal silver in sanitation. 

Why Use Hand Sanitizers

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

There are many health applications of colloidal silver. And while you can find it available for sale in the form of tiny flakes suspended in liquid, it can be used for many hairs and skin therapy. It has antibacterial properties that make it suitable for use in preventive medicine. This includes being ideal for use in hand sanitizers to stay germ-free. Some of the ways colloidal silver can be of benefit to your health include 

Wound Treatment 

Colloidal silver is often touted to be great at wound healing. And this is due to its high antibacterial properties. It could be used as a suitable treatment to help with wound dressing and coping with open sores. The silver particles in the mix help reduce inflammation around the injury and help with skin regrowth for open wounds. It would also help prevent infections from injuries and be suitable for managing other skin-related conditions such as acne. You must use a small amount for a topical treatment so as not to put you at risk. 

Colloidal Silver Hand Sanitizer Recipe

You can do a lot with a hand sanitizer these days, and having one with colloidal silver in it could help you stay healthy. But while you have the option of buying ready-made products from the store, the recipe below can help you DIY. To make a healthy yet safe hand sanitizer with colloidal silver, you will need to mix in essential oils to help tone down things. You will also need some Aloe Vera gel to serve as a base for the other ingredients.


  • Half cup of aloe vera gel
  • One tablespoon of colloidal silver 
  • Two drops of tea tree, lavender, and cloves essential oils
  • Spray bottle

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Natural Hand Sanitizer Preparation

You can add all the ingredients together in a spray bottle and mix thoroughly. It is best to avoid using any scented artificial flavoring to add aroma to the mix. The essential oils should be enough to improve the smell on the hands when you use the sanitizer. 

Once thoroughly mixed, you should try a little of the preparation on your hand to test it. You should get a cool sensation that safeguards the hands from germs. It is essential that you keep the spray bottle adequately sealed to maintain the potency of the mixture. 

Safety Information on Using Colloidal Silver

While you can benefit from the use of colloidal silver, you also want to be aware of the risks associated with it. There is no risk involved with short term use, but for those who stay exposed to silver for long, they risk suffering from argyria. This is a condition characterized by the accumulation of silver particles in the body’s tissue and organs. 

Symptoms include greyish coloration around the gum, fingernails, hair, eyes, and skin. You could also suffer headaches, dizziness, and fatigue as a result of prolonged use. 

How to Make Natural Hand Sanitizer

Although there is no recommended dosage for you to use colloidal silver since there is no known degree to which you stand a risk of suffering from silver toxicity. 

The best thing is to use your sanitizers at intervals. You also want to consider washing the hands with soap and water whenever you can to reduce your dependency on your hand sanitizers. 

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