How To Make DIY Eyelash Serum

Last Updated on June 29, 2022

Want to make your DIY eyelash serum? It’s about time you learned how to. Eyelash serum is essential in a woman’s beauty kit. This is because every woman relishes a long, luscious lash. However, it isn’t at all difficult to find a commercial product for this. However, it can be quite pricey. It is why making a DIY eyelash serum can be very beneficial.

This piece is teaching readers tips to make a DIY eyelash serum. Just continue and enjoy the read. Did you know that the is a connection between your eyelash and your health? Experts tell us that your diet can provide you the long, thick, and luscious lash you require. A diet rich in fat-soluble and water-soluble seems to do the trick.

Most people also use essential oil in their beauty regimen to reverse aging or improve skin quality. People believe that adding lavender and cedarwood to mascara can help to support healthy lash. This might be a good idea. Still, you have to keep in mind that this can be quite expensive. Also, you cannot fully identify healthy products used in mascaras.

You can make your serum with only a few ingredients. This solution can serve you for as long as four to six weeks. Make sure to use consistently to see desired results.

What Are the Ingredients You Need?

Creating your homemade eyelash serum can be easy. You just have to identify the suitable ingredient, and that’s it. Below are ingredients to use in your solution. These ingredients can be found in your local food store. You can also source them online.

  • Castor Oil: This is particularly rich in fatty acids. Fatty acids are great for skin as well as hair.
  • Lavender And Cedarwood Essential Oils. Both these essential oils are great for supporting healthy skin. They are also great for supporting healthy hair and lashes.
  • Vitamin E: this might be optional. Still, I enjoy cutting the tip of a vitamin E capsule and squeezing it in my solution. This is because it has natural antioxidants properties. These properties are excellent at maintaining hair growth.
  • Empty Mascara Bottle: you can easily find empty mascara tubes. They are easy to use as well. You can purchase them at your local food store. You will find them very affordable.
  • Small Squeeze Bottle With A Pointed End

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How To Make Your DIY Solution

Now you have the necessary ingredients for your solution. It’s time to put them together.

  • Step 1: Fill the small squeeze bottle halfway with castor oil.
  • Step 2: You then grab the empty mascara tube and then pull out its wand. Make sure to set up a small plug aside as well.
  • Step 3: The squeeze bottle you have, use that to fill up the mascara tube halfway. Afterward, cut the vitamin E capsule’s tip, and squeeze it into the bottle.
  • Step 4: Pour two drops of both the lavender and cedarwood essential oil. Afterward, you push the plug into the mascara wand’s top and insert the mascara wand. Shake properly to ensure the solution mixes well.
  • Step 5: Use the solution morning and night to get a satisfactory result.

Note that the solution should not get in your eyes. If you do get the solution into your eyes, make sure you do not rinse with water. What you do is simply apply a little carrier oil to the affected area. Gently massage to work out the quirk. Almond oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil would suffice.

Benefits Of A DIY Lash Serum

We must care for our lashes. This is because they are continuously exposed to sun, cold, and harsh products. In fact, many things can damage the eyelashes as they are very delicate yet important tassels of hair.

It is why having a serum for this purpose is essential. Still, most can be pricy. It is why knowing how to make a DIY serum is highly beneficial.

Below are the benefits of a homemade lash serum.

  • All ingredients used in your recipe are rich in fatty acids. They are also full of an essential nutrient that ensures lashes get longer, thicker, and fuller.
  • The essential ingredient of your DIY recipe is castor oil. This means that you get an ingredient that plays a crucial role in making hair grow thicker and fuller.
  • Castor oil is a source of vitamins, most especially vitamin E. It is rich in proteins and omega-6 fatty acids as well.
  • Castor oil promotes hair growth and helps to improve its sheen. Also, it is one of the most beneficial oils that the hair shaft can easily and quickly absorb.
Benefits Of A DIY Lash Serum
  • The vitamin E capsule in your recipe is helpful as well. This is because it provides ultra-nourishment to the serum. It nourishes the lashes, enabling them to get longer and thicker naturally.
  • Sweet almond oil is a very beneficial ingredient as well. It provides moisturizing and nourishing properties to the recipe. This helps to promote hair growth. It promotes sheen as well.
  • The ingredients used in your recipe are all natural. This means they can be used with little worry of developing infections or allergies.
  • All the ingredients in your homemade recipe are readily available for purchase. You can source yours from local food stores. You can also source online via amazon.
  • The ingredients used in your DIY recipe are super economical too. This means you do not have to spend so much buying artificial products that can provide the same result.
  • To prepare the solution, you do not have to do much. The preparation method is straightforward. So, everyone who wants to can make theirs at home.

Bottom Line

DIY eyelash serum provides the same result as most pricy commercial products do. In fact, a DIY solution is most preferable for several reasons. You get to know the ingredients used in your solution which are economical ingredients that are convenient and easy to purchase. So, you must know how to make a DIY eyelash serum. Carefully read and understand this piece. You will find that the recipe provided to you will get you your desired result.