7 Reasons To Buy Local Food And Support Sustainability

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Last Updated on July 11, 2022

To buy local and supporting small-scale, locally owned businesses is one of the best things you can do. Purchasing seasonal fruit and vegetables from the local producers, dairy products, like milk and cheese from cows or goats, organic and fresh eggs, specialty foods like honey, and locally raised meat is becoming the preferred choice of many health-conscious and eco-conscious individuals. So, here are all the reasons why buying local is always a good idea as it’s healthier for you and better for the environment.

Reasons to Buy Local Food

Improved Overall Health

Buying locally grown food is better for your health as you will consume more nutrients from eating fresh products. Plus, this food is commonly produced without pesticides or adulterants. Locally-grown food is usually consumed soon after harvest while all nutrients are still there. This is a good reason to buy local food and a better option than eating food which has traveled for miles on a truck and has stayed on the shelves of a big chain supermarket for weeks afterward.

Reasons to buy local food - Improved overall health

Reduces Environmental Impact

Local food is produced by small-scale and locally owned businesses. This means that to purchase your food, you won’t need to use transport, which is usually a huge contributor to the greenhouse gas emission in our atmosphere. Likewise, the locally owned businesses require less transportation which consequently means less congestion, pollution, and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Look for products and produce without plastic packaging, buying in bulk is a good option to have quality unprocessed products, reduce your plastic footprint, and save money.

Supports Your Community – Reasons to Buy Local

Buying local food means that you’re supporting your friends and neighbors helps. A more intimate relationship occurs and these businesses are encouraged to donate more to local sports teams, events, and non-profits.

Supports Agriculture

Supporting the local farmers means that they have a reason to keep their farms and pastures undeveloped. Likewise, purchasing local honey supports the bee population, needed pollination that, in turn, supports agriculture.

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To Buy Local Reduces the Use of Fossil Fuels

Another reason to buy local food from nationally-owned businesses is that it takes a lot of time and transport to get from the farm to your table. The time and transport spent to deliver food close to you only adds to the unhealthy air quality and global warming. So, opt for locally grown food if you want to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Invests Directly into Your Local Economy

By purchasing local food directly invest in our local economy. As a result, there are more jobs available locally while the existing jobs are preserved. Moreover, locally-owned businesses will feel motivated to invest in the future of the community.

By choosing to consume local food, you encourage farmers to use land more productively and occupy existing structures. If the producers make a profit, they occupy more land and use it more effectively. Otherwise, the land would be used for commercial use, which means tearing up the land to make a profit.

Final Words

You should be aware that the more steps there are between you and your food, you are facing a greater risk of contamination and increases greenhouse gas emissions. Buying locally grown food is better for your health and by doing so you contribute to your community, support the local economy, and do your part to protect the environment.

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