5 Ways You Can Reduce Plastic Footprint At Home

Last Updated on July 22, 2022

There are different measures that we can take to reduce the plastic footprint in various activities that we perform in our daily lives.  In one way or the other, we buy different products for consumption from different places, and in most cases, plastic is used for packaging and storage of such goods. 

Ways To Reduce Plastic Footprint

However, research shows that plastic constitutes about 75 % of all waste whereas only 9% is recycled. Against this background, it is undoubtedly true that plastic is the number one pollutant and it also impacts the health of humans as well as animals. Unfortunately, we cannot completely avoid using plastic but there is certainly a way of reducing its use in a bid to reduce plastic footprint. 

Avoid Single-Use Plastic

There are different measures that you can take as an individual to reduce the excessive use of plastic. For instance, you should try to avoid single-use types of plastic. When you are buying products for immediate consumption, consider products that are wrapped or packed in eco-friendly materials.  For example, there are alternatives such as biodegradable or reusable sandwich bags that can replace the use of plastic which immediately goes to waste after finishing your food. Some sandwich bags are biodegradable and you can use them for composting purposes. 

Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

You can also play a role in reducing ecological impact by avoiding water bottled in plastic containers. After all, there is nothing special about bottled water since you can also purify your water at home. Instead of using plastic bottles, you can use reusable containers made of glass or stainless steel bottles

Use Shopping and Produce Reusable Bags

When you are going shopping, you can also use reusable bags made of eco-friendly material such as canvas and or cotton. This will help you to reduce plastic use every time you go shopping. If we all develop this attitude against the use of plastic bags, we can significantly make a positive impact on the environment. You can also use other items like reusable straws so as to reduce the amount of plastic waste. 

Compost Your Food Waste

Before throwing away waste food, you should carefully select items that can be compostable such that you do not pollute the environment. However, you should avoid other organic materials like dairy products and meat which cannot be composted. It is also vital to plan your meals properly so as to reduce waste. 

Use Natural House Cleaning Products

Use Natural House Cleaning Products

Instead of using cleaning products in plastic containers, you can use baking soda or vinegar for cleaning your home. These components are versatile and they can be used for multiple purposes like cleaning sinks, floors, refrigerators as well as stoves, even you can make a mosquito trap with vinegar.   Baking soda and vinegar are free of toxic chemicals like other cleaning products that can affect the environment. On top of that, these products are cheap and they are readily available in most homes. As you can see, reducing plastic footprint requires little effort on your part and you can make a big difference.