Is Coconut Oil Safe For Color Treated Hair?

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Last Updated on June 21, 2022

One of the safest and effective kitchen ingredients you cantry on your hair is coconut oil. Aside from being useful in cooking, it also provides many benefits for skin and beauty. This includes being used in hair treatment. And this has begged the question, is coconut oil safe for color-treated hair?

If you use color treatment for your locks, you will likely be careful with any product you use not to strip off the new look. But could it be that there is no need to worry about applying the vegetable oil to a hairdo? You can learn about all the special techniques to help with managing your color-treated hair below.

Why Use Color Treatment on Your Hair?

For most people interested in making changes to their appearance, one of the quickest ways to make alterations is with a hair dye. And if you have been keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you will know that both males and females are experimenting with different shades this period. Wanting to try a blonde look or tint your hair down, you indeed would find color dye helpful.

Why Use Color Treatment on Your Hair

Besides helping to change the appearance, you’ll also find adding hair color to help thicken strands. And if you are suffering from thinning or damaged curls, you could also use dyes as a cosmetic upgrade. While it may only be temporary, it sure would help with improving your appearance and confidence.

Want to hide signs of aging? You can use a black color tint on grey strands to restore back to factory settings (this is only temporary). And now that you know why many people consider color treatment for hair let’s find out just how safe coconut is for haircare.

Coconut Oil for Hair Care

You will have to be new to cosmetic products if you are only learning about the usefulness of coconut oil in skin and hair care. Aside from being used in making beauty products, you can also apply it as a topical treatment for specific skin and hair conditions.

It is also used as a mask for many hair treatment procedures, such as pre-shampoo treatment to prevent dryness. You will also find that it does add a bright sheen to your facial appearance, whether you use it for beard or haircare.

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Is Coconut Oil Safe for Color Treated Hair?

The use of color dye can dry out the natural oil from your hair follicle and strands. And the use of coconut oil could be a great way to add moisture. While you can apply the vegetable oil to color-treated curls, you want to be careful how you get it out. Not doing it properly could damage your color tint or cause you to lose some strands.

To avoid causing any problems for your hair, you want to use the right amount of coconut oil for the treatment. Too much, and you will have to dig deep to get it out. And this is where your hair could be at risk. All that rigorous frisking to get out the coconut oil could damage the follicles leading to hair loss.

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How to Use Coconut Oil on Treated Hair?

Partition the strand into a different section using a comb. Pour a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply to a section. Start from the follicles up to the tip. Repeat this for each section. Each time, not using more than two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil for each section. You may have to leave it in for a few minutes to ensure that it is fully absorbed through the cuticles. Once the locks feel soft to the touch, you should be done with the treatment.

If you feel heavy on the head or the strands are wet and sticky, it is likely you used too much of the oil and would need to dry with a towel. You should do this gently by tapping a soft dry towel on the hair and pulling it down to mop out the excess oil.

Coconut Oil on Dyed Hair

You should try and get the best of the treatment by opting for pure virgin coconut oil. You may also try other beauty care products infused with vegetable oil. But you should know, there would likely be other chemical ingredients in it.

It is also best to avoid using color dyes on damaged curls or an injured scalp. Again, opt for dyes made from organic ingredients instead of those with chemicals as they can damage your hair.

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