DIY Natural Detangler For Matted Hair

Last Updated on July 8, 2022

Having to deal with tangled hair could be the real definition of a headache, but it truly doesn’t have to be one. You could try a natural detangler that works for matted hair, and you can find a lot of household products that would be ideal for use. 

If you have toddlers, you occasionally would have to deal with tangled hair, and you will agree that it can be hard on you and the little one running a comb through trying to detangle the strands. Kids are not the only ones faced with these predicaments; adults also have to deal with it. 

And it doesn’t matter the type of hair; as long as you have a lot on your head, you likely would have a hard time with the comb first thing in the morning. So how can you detangle matted hair naturally? You can learn more about that below. But before that, let’s first check out some of the causes of your locks’ tangling. 

Causes of Hair Tangling 

Want to know why you have to deal with loosening your follicles and strands every time you style your hair? It could be as a result of one of the reasons below. 

  • Lack of proper hydration is one of the causes of tangling. Without moisture, the hair can dry out, causing the strands to bind together, making it hard to groom.
  • Going to bed without adequately packing your hair to avoid tension. This can be done by tying the hair up or braiding it into parts to prevent tangling. 
  • You could also suffer this if you have damages to your cuticle. This can be due to the use of excess heat from a dryer on the hair. 
  • Not grooming regularly could also put you at risk of a tough hair follicle. This leads to kinks, which can be stressful and hurtful to loosen out with a comb. So you want to do well to comb your hair daily if you want to avoid this. 

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Homemade Natural Detangler for Matted Hair

There are detanglers and conditioners in the market that promise to help you with the task, but it is possible to whip one at home without spending much. This is the best approach if you have kids and need regular access to a solution for twisted matted hair. And for that, you want to have some supplies available to get started with. 

What Do You Need?

You should start by ensuring you have all the right tools for grooming in your kit. This includes different sizes of combs, brushes, and pins to groom and pack the hair. Other than these, some of the things you will equally need include. 

  • 6oz tap water 
  • 2oz apple cider vinegar 
  • A drop or two or your favorite shampoo/soap
  • Choose an essential oil with a good scent to help mask the smell of the apple cider vinegar
  • You will require a spray bottle to hold the recipe in. And it is best to go for those with graduation as they make it easy for you to prepare the solution.
What Do You Need

How to Prepare Homemade Detangler

You will then have to take all the ingredients and include them in the spray bottle and make sure to shake it thoroughly. The liquids may not mix, but they should be able to bond in your palm when you apply to your hair. 

Using the Natural Detangler for Matted Hair 

Now that you’ve made your very own homemade natural detangler for hair, you will now have to make sure you use it properly. And you want to ensure you have your grooming kit nearby for the procedure. To free up tangles in matted hair, what you want to do is

  • Pour a little of the mix you prepared on your palm, and you want to be careful not to get in contact with your eyes. 
  • Massage it gently on the hair and deep into the strands from the tip to the bottom. Then run a comb through to loosen things up.
  • You will have to add more of the mix if you are stuck with a stubborn strand. Then try scattering the hair to loosen any tangling left, and you want to repeat this until you have taken care of the issue. 
  • You want to keep combing gently and be extra careful with detangling children’s hair. 
Using the Natural Detangler for Matted Hair 

Final Note 

There are many ways you can avoid tangling your hair, and indeed one way is to take your grooming seriously. It may be best to try a wet comb first, but the simple natural detangler for matted hair above seems to work to loosen hair strands.