How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil In Your Hair?

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If you use coconut oil on your hair, you may wonder how much is safe and how best to use it. The truth is you can’t always be sure about the products you use on your hair which is why you want to consider organic ingredients. And this is where coconut oil is thought to be useful in beauty and skincare. As an alternative for chemical compounds that could be harmful to the body. But how often should you put coconut oil in your hair? You want to find more in the sections below.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

Whether you use it regularly for your skin and beauty regimen or not, you should know that there are many ways to benefits from coconut oil. But the surest way to ensure you get all the best out of your coconut oil is to get the best brand. So you want to do your research to find proper names you can trust. When it comes to what you stand to gain, below are some benefits of coconut oil.

Promotes Hair Growth

You will find the regular use of coconut oil to help promote fuller and longer strands. And this could help increase the volume of your hair. The rich fatty acids and vitamins in the oil help nourish the scalp and cuticles, resulting in fuller hair.

Acts as a Natural Treatment

You can consider coconut oil for hair as sort of a conditioner or pre-shampoo that helps in scalp treatment. This can help with adding moisture to dry hair and repairing a damaged one. It is used at the beginning of a shampoo treatment to avoid stripping of the natural oil in the hair.

Solves Lice and Dandruff Problems

In addition to being a good treatment option for lice, you will also find it useful in dealing with dandruff. But to make an effective hair treatment remedy, you want to add essential oils such as tea tree to your coconut oil. This will have a potent action against lice and their eggs.

There are many other ways you will find the use of coconut oil to be useful to your beauty and skincare. It could prove useful as a sunscreen to prevent damage to the dermis and cuticles.

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Other Health Benefits

Aside from the hair benefits, there are other ways that you can benefit from the use of coconut oil daily. It could be a great addition to your diet or for a good time at the spa for deep skin treatment. Some studies have linked it with been useful for promoting heart health by increasing the level of good cholesterol in the body.

There are also claims that it could be beneficial to people with Alzheimer’s by helping the brain utilize energy from glucose which is in low supply in the body.

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How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair

How often you use it would depend on how much you use it for each treatment. For a mask treatment, thrice-weekly would be enough. This would help in keeping the hair nourished and avoid leaving masks on for too long. 15 to 30 minutes should be enough time to leave it on before washing out.

For a damaged hair, you could leave it overnight to helps speed up the conditioning. But you want to reduce the treatment time once everything back to normal. To cut out frizz and use for styling, you can make do of a few drops at intervals during the day. This could also be used to improve sheen before leaving the house or office.

Coconut Oil in Your Hair

You can also find it useful as an alternative to traditional conditioners. Keep a glass full in your bathroom whenever you want a shampoo treatment to make things easy. You could go for fresh cold-pressed options or buy branded products from the store. The main thing is to ensure you go for quality that is good for your hair. A good practice would be to avoid refined products with many other ingredients in them.

Final Note

Getting your hair treatment right starts with using the right products. And when it comes to some of the best natural ingredients for your skin and beauty care, you can trust coconut oil to be fair. You want to be careful how much you use. On average, a mask treatment, three times a week should be enough to get your hair right back on track.