The Best Essential Oils For Chigger Bites

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Last Updated on June 3, 2022

Chiggers are also referred to as redbugs or harvest mites. There are very few red-biting mites. Although their bites do not cause a sting, they are itchy and can cause discomfort. Did you know you can use essential oils to remedy chigger bites? The best essential oils for chigger bites are used not only to treat the itch that comes with the attack. They are also used to prevent the attack.

So, what are these essential oils? Are they effective enough? These questions will be provided to you as you continue the read. Chiggers are tiny red mites, as earlier stated. They are situated in regions with lots of tall grasses, hayfields, and weeds.

These tiny red mites mostly enjoy biting the thin-skinned areas of the body. The stings are incredibly itchy and cause the victim lots of discomforts. When chiggers attack, they secrete an enzyme into the skin. This then causes an unbearable itch.

Using essential oils for chiggers is highly effective. It helps to prevent mites attack. It also helps to treat the bites if the attack has already occurred. But what are essential oils? Well, they are oils that are directly derived from certain plants. They are currently used in a wide variety of applications. Today, essential oils are popularly used for health, cleaning, massaging, and several other purposes.

Using Essential Oils for Chigger Bites

One excellent application of essential oil is to remedy chigger attacks. People who need a natural and convenient approach to relieve pain and discomfort might need to turn to essential oils. Research tells us that they are excellent alternative treatments. 

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy. This is where the solutions are added to a carrier oil and used on the skin.

Using Essential Oils for Chigger Bites

Keep in mind that essential oils are to be used with care. Make sure to keep away from the reach of children. Also, it is advised that you consult your health care provider first before applying the solution.

Let’s quickly run through some of the best essential ointments for chigger bites.

Basil (Ocimum spp.)

Basil is a mild and gentle anti-inflammatory lubricant. A solution that is potent at dealing with irritation. This is because of its antimicrobial properties, which help the plant to prevent infection. Basil is an excellent alternative treatment for all sorts of bug bites, mostly bee stings.

Studies have shown Basil to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to relieve arthritic inflammatory symptoms.


Chamomile is a well-renowned essential oil. Due to its beneficial properties, it is used in many skin products and lotions. This is primarily because of its soothing emollient effects. With chigger bites, chamomile helps deal with redness, itching, and irritation. A great benefit of the chamomile plant is that it helps to hasten healing and recovery.

Experts compare chamomile extract to a percent hydrocortisone cream. This cream is used to treat skin irritation as it is highly potent and helps lesions heal much quicker. It does so while reducing itchiness, pain, and irritation.

Therapeutic Grade Chamomile Oil for Aromatherapy – 10ml


Lavender is also very popular. This is because traditional healers use them for several purposes. Lavender is a favorite and one of the best essential oils for chigger bites. Lavender is primarily sought-after because it can be used directly to the affected area, unlike other essential oils. Just like chamomile, lavender has excellent soothing properties. It has pain-relieving properties as well.

Lavender is especially used to treat fire ant bites, spider bites, and bee stings. Research shows that lavender has notable anti-inflammatory effects so, it can as well be effective in remedying all kinds of bug bites.


The camphor plant is related to cinnamon. It has been used for a long time to relieve pain, irritation and inflammation, and discomfort. Camphor is also highly effective in remedying pain brought on by bug bites. It does so by creating a reaction on the skin. This reaction on the skin resembles a tingly warmth that soothes the skin.


Rosemary is also a top-rated essential oil. This is because it is used for several applications. It is also an excellent choice for chigger bite pain relief. It is also a great choice because it helps to prevent infection. However, make sure to dilute before application.

A recent study performed on rats showed that rosemary had got remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. It found out that this extract was so potent that it alleviated inflammation in the colon due to colitis. Still, studies on humans need to be carried out to deduce the full potency of rosemary.


Mint, whether peppermint or spearmint, is excellent essential oil. They are an excellent alternative for chigger bites. However, they first need to be diluted before use.

They provide soothing pain relief when used on the skin. Mint is also beneficial because it helps to drive insects away from home. This helps to prevent future attacks.

Mints are an excellent remedy for itching and painful bites. They can help to treat fire ant bites and bee stings. Studies also tell us that that mints have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This suggests that they can be used in treating a variety of medical conditions.

Tea Tree

The tea tree is renowned for its anti-itching, anti-pain, and anti-swelling properties. It is also microbial. This means that it helps to prevent bacterial infection. This tells us that the tea tree is excellent against insects and chigger bite discomfort.

Tea tree is excellent at fighting all sorts of chigger bites—spiders, fire ants, mosquitos, ticks, bed bugs, and bees. The ability that tea tree has to stop itching might be its best quality. Studies tell us that tea tree’s ability to stop itching is better than most medications.

How to Use Essential Oil for Chigger Attacks

There are several ways to use essential oils for chigger bites. There are as follows:

  • Direct application
  • Ointment
  • Bath
  • Dilute spray
How to Use Essential Oil for Chigger Attacks

Take Away

Make sure to seek the advice of your health care provider before using the above-listed solutions. This way, you know how to use the solution and how ell well to dilute it.

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