Why Are Root Canals Bad

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Last Updated on June 9, 2022

If you’ve been scheduled for a dental procedure, you likely would be looking to avoid going for a root canal. And why? You probably heard that root canals are bad. But the truth is that we may have been misled to believe the findings from research conducted in an era where we relied on coal trains, and there were no paper towels.

Recent findings may suggest that there is nothing wrong with undergoing the procedure. Not sure why or how root canals are bad? You indeed will find the following sections to be worth checking out.

What Are Root Canals?

This is a specialized type of dental procedure that aims to help fix an infected or damaged tooth. Rather than pulling out the affected tooth, the dentist uses specialized tools to drill a hole at the tooth’s center to mop away any residue and then fill up space afterward.

The problem in the tooth is caused by an infection in the blood vessels responsible for supplying nutrients to the root pulp. And when there is an infection in this region, you surely will experience tooth sensitivity in the mouth. When left untreated, it can lead to swelling, bone loss, abscission, and aching of the tooth.

What Are Root Canals

Leaving the root canal untreated would likely lead to more problems, so you want to seek help by checking with a dentist for fast treatment.

The Myth About Root Canals

With many people and even medical experts citing a relationship between the condition and early cancer development, many people have become cautious about getting a dental procedure. But whatever the situation you may have with your dentition, you surely want to get medical help before applying any unprescribed treatment.

The myth surrounding root canals and cancer development is due to the research carried out as far back as 1920 by dentist and research scientist Weston Price. At the time, Price believed that patients who had undergone the procedure before still moved around with infections in the canal that put them at risk.

Recent checks and inquiries into Price’s research have discovered a big enough loophole to debunk the claims of the scientist who researched without much to work with. The conditions for the experiment were not adequately controlled.  He also wasn’t careful to sterilize the area, which is enough to contradict the results.

Another thing to ponder is that other researchers still haven’t been able to duplicate his results, which begs the question, “what did Price base his analysis on?’’ You will agree that as far back as 1920, people weren’t overly careful with their dental hygiene, and with the poor quality dental products available at the time, there is a lot to fault with the scientist’s claims.

Root Canals And Relationship To Cancer

Are root canals safe? There has been a lot of uncertainty for patients looking to get the dental procedure as they are unsure what to believe. In some cases, those who carried out the operation went as far as removing their tooth just to get their mind to rest.

But there is no reason to believe medical rumors that have spread from a time where there wasn’t any advancement in health care. The latest research and findings have undoubtedly led to safer and better ways of handling tooth problems. When going for a dental check, you want to be open about the topic of the root canal and get proper education on the subject.

Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition

It’s no denying that it can be expensive, painful, and risky to remove your tooth. For one, it could put the neighboring tooth at risk if the job is not done correctly, especially if they are close together in the mouth.

But the truth is that countless people have undergone the procedure and boast of strong, healthy teeth. You want to check with your dentist to discuss the best form of treatment for your problem. With the help of the latest technology, you could avoid complications with your treatment.

Final Note On How Bad Is A Root Canal

There are no genuine medical reasons to answer the question of why root canals are bad. Avoiding dental issues could be challenging. This is because we rely on the mouth to do a lot of things. Regular dental hygiene with the right toothpaste can help with preventing issues with dentition. And you want to watch what you eat regularly.

But it could also be helpful if you get the best dental assistance when in need of such procedures. And remember that you shouldn’t be worried over medical facts that emanate from decades back when there was no advancement in the medical field.

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