What Is Coconut Essential Oil Good For?

Essential oils are subject to lots of debate as many people still don’t understand them. Today, let’s examine what is coconut essential oil good for. We’ll also cover what the difference is between coconut oil and “coconut essential oil” and whether the latter term is even accurate.

What Is Coconut Essential Oil And How Is It Made?

Coconut oil is technically not an “essential” oil – it’s not potent enough to be deemed as such. The fact that we can cook with coconut oil and apply it directly to our skin is a testament to that. Instead, when it comes to essential oils, coconut oil is used as a “carrier essential oil” – as an oil other essential oils are diluted into.

So, when looking at essential oils with coconut oil in them, those are usually just mixtures of various actual essential oils with a coconut carrier oil. Although, it is worth mentioning that some brands do try to sell “coconut essential oil” by mixing coconut oil with certain chemicals enhancing its aroma.

Needless to say, such products should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, most essential oils are not fully covered and regulated by government institutions such as the FDA which means that it falls down on us, the consumers, to do our research. So, be careful what you buy and who you’re buying it from.

So, for the purposes of this text, when we talk about coconut essential oils, we’re talking about the coconut carrier oil with other essential oils diluted into it. Such mixtures are obviously not edible the way pure coconut oil is but they are also proper and natural essential oils for aromatherapy and skin care – not like the fake chemical mixtures sold by certain brands.

What Is Coconut Essential Oil Good For?

Speaking about coconut essential oil mixtures, in particular, there are quite a few benefits of coconut oil even if we don’t count the various great essential oils it can be used as a carrier for. Here are some of the prime examples:

1. Used As A Carrier Oil For Aromatherapy

It doesn’t technically have health benefits here but its subtle smell makes it perfect for this task as it complements many other essential oils that are quite healthy. Some of the especially popular combinations are coconut oil with lavender and/or rosemary essential oils. Just mix a few drops of these two in the coconut carrier oil in the diffuser, turn the device on, and enjoy.

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What Is Coconut Essential Oil Good For?

2. Skin Repair Collagen-boosting Ointments

Onto things, coconut oil is actively helpful for, a big one is skin repair and recovery. It’s an excellent moisturizer and is chock-full of antioxidants which means that it improves the skin’s elasticity and fastens its recovery. So, many skin ointments with coconut oil can speed up the recovery of minor cuts and bruises.

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3. UV Protection – What Is Coconut Essential Oil Good For?

Coconut oil is estimated to block up to 20% of the sun’s rays, making it a relatively good ointment for sun protection. This can be beneficial, especially with other essential oils added to the mixture that also offer skin benefits. However, do keep in mind that this UV protection isn’t that high, and coconut oil basically has an SPF rating of 8 – way lower than the SPF 30 recommended for when you really need to block UV.

4. Great For Hair Protection And Regrowth

A big reason why everyone recommends coconut oil masks for hair is that this oil is excellent for reducing the protein loss in hair and thus helping with hair repair and regrowth. It also helps moisturize and nourish the scalp which is also beneficial.

Great For Hair Protection And Regrowth

Conclusion – What Is Coconut Essential Oil Good For?

All in all, coconut essential oil mixtures are quite useful for our skin and hair just as pure coconut oil is great in the kitchen. Just make sure that the products you’re using are genuine.


What is coconut essential oil used for?

Coconut oil has numerous health benefits but what about coconut essential oil? While different and not intended for direct consumption, coconut essential oil can be applied to the skin, scalp, and indoor air in various ways, all with their unique benefits too.
The four big examples are as follows:
• Hair mask for hydrating damaged hair – it’s best applied in a mixture with rosemary essential oil to dry hair after a shower. Just massage your hair from roots to ends with the essential oil mixture, let it sit for an hour, and then rinse it off.
• Skin ointment for boosting collagen – this works beautifully because of how rich in antioxidants coconut essential oil is. It’s great for healing minor bruises and cuts, especially in combination with just a drop of geranium oil.
• UV protection – make a mixture of coconut essential oil, six drops of carrot seed oil, and six drops of myrrh essential oil for an excellent UV protection lotion.
• Aromatherapy – coconut essential oil is very valuable as a carrier oil for aromatherapy as well. For that, you can use it in combination with almost any other essential oil you want such as lavender or rosemary. You just need a good diffuser.

Does coconut oil help hair grow?

Undiluted coconut oil is quite great for reducing the protein loss of broken hair and thus – stimulating its growth. It’s best applied on relatively clean hair for 30 to 60 minutes before rinsing it off with shampoo.

Is coconut oil good for weight loss?

Coconut oil is very rich in a special type of saturated fat called lauric acids. What’s special about this acid is that it increased the presence of good cholesterol in our blood and reduces the levels of bad cholesterol. Coconut oil also helps us burn energy more efficiently thanks to its medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).

Is coconut essential oil good for skin?

Quiet so – coconut essential oil is great for our skin health both as a body/face moisturizer after showers or as tanning oil that prevents sunburns with its UV protection. It’s even effective at repairing damaged skin after bruises and cuts.