Is Coconut Oil Good For Thyroids?

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Last Updated on June 15, 2022

Lately, people talk about thyroids and how they find themselves with the illness. The surprising part of having thyroid is that you might have it and not know that you do. This is because its symptoms are quite typical. Thyroid problems start from the thyroid gland which is located just below in front of the neck. Is coconut oil good for the thyroid? Is there a thyroid coconut oil for treatment? What is the coconut oil dosage for the thyroid?


Thyroid hormones are produced as a result of processes regulated by a healthy and active thyroid. When you have abnormal production of thyroid hormones, it may lead to what is called hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is an overly active thyroid while hypothyroidism is an under-active thyroid. This abnormal production of thyroid hormones can lead to thyroid cancer in worse cases.

Hypothyroidism is one of the common thyroid problems people face. The symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, dry skin, and weight gain. For the weight gain, you keep adding weight no matter the amount of dieting and exercise you do. Poor memory, depression, constipation, and hair loss are other symptoms of hypothyroidism.


When you notice all these symptoms, quickly consult your doctor for professional hypothyroidism treatment. For a natural supplement, coconut oil is recommended. You can add coconut oil to your daily diet as a thyroid treatment. Your doctors are in the right position to find a solution to your thyroid problems. Once you get diagnosed with the problem, there are several methods for the treatment. Surgery may be needed in most severe cases.

The Connection Between Coconut Oil And Thyroid Treatment

Coconut oil has saturated fat made up of medium-chain fatty acids. Its component makes it different from other types of oil and the contents are responsible for some health benefits. Of all the health benefits, hypothyroidism is one of them. Some of the benefits of coconut oil for thyroid treatment are explained below.

Thyroid Coconut Oil Relieves Constipation

If you’re suffering from an underactive thyroid problem, you’re most definitely down with low thyroid hormones. This leads to the slow action of your digestive system and other body systems. People with hypothyroidism would notice a weak contraction of the muscle in their digestive tract. This would lead to constipation. Using coconut oil will stimulate your bowel movement and provide energy to your intestinal cells. The thyroid coconut oil also acts as a natural laxative that helps in running things smoothly.

Thyroid Coconut Oil Helps Weight Loss

Of all the effects of hypothyroidism, gaining weight is inevitable. This weight gain issue can go on for as long as possible and it is not affected by exercise or diet. We know that it is very tiring and sad but there is a cause. The thyroids which are responsible for body metabolism cause weight gain. Consuming coconut oil might help in regulating your weight and eventually help you lose weight. This is thanks to the medium-chain fatty acids.

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Thyroid Coconut Oil Helps Treat Inflammation

For thyroid problems, inflammation causes pain in the muscle and joint. You might experience the pain frequently but you have to keep calm. This inflammation is a result of unbalanced hormone levels. Anti-inflammatory properties are found in coconut oils because of their medium-chain fatty acid. These anti-inflammatory properties heal swelling, pain and repair damaged tissues.

Thyroid Coconut Oil Helps Hair Loss Problems

Your hair becomes easy to break when dealing with low thyroid hormones are involved. This low thyroid leads to dry hair and it affects your hair follicles. It is advised that coconut oil be applied directly to your hair to prevent hair loss. Coconut oil will keep your hair moisturized, and healthy all day long.

Thyroid Coconut Oil Boosts Metabolism and Dry Skin

Thyroid glands have some properties that lead to problems concerning metabolism. Your metabolism can be easily boosted with the use of coconut oil. The main content that boosts metabolism is the medium-chain fatty acids. Hypothyroidism results in flaky and dry skin. Apply coconut oil as a moisturizer on your skin to curb low thyroid hormones.

Coconut Oil Thyroid Dosage

Consuming coconut oil daily helps in maximizing its benefit over the thyroid. Take about 2-3 tablespoons daily to help with either overly active or under-active thyroid. Those just starting to use coconut oil can take a little at first. Monitor its reaction on your body to see if you can continue or not. Coconut oil can also be added to your coffee or food by cooking.

Massage your hair with coconut oil if you experience dry hair and hair follicle issues. Apply it on your dry skin for moisturizing and keeping your skin smooth. If your condition persists, visit your doctor.

Causes Of Thyroid

With a deficiency of iodine, your thyroids might not produce as many hormones as your body needs. The more you age, the more risk of unbalanced thyroid. MSG and bad fatty foods are common in our diets; this can lead to a weak thyroid. Being exposed to too much chlorine or fluoride in drinking water can mess up your normal thyroid operation.

Causes Of Thyroid


With everything discussed above, you can see that thyroids are important to your body system. A little disorganization of your thyroids can lead to a thyroid disorder. Coconut oil has high saturated fat, medium-chain fatty acids, and lauric acid that works perfectly for thyroids if the process is followed.

Is coconut oil good for thyroids? Are there any thyroid treatments? What is the coconut oil dosage for the thyroid? All these questions have been answered above and we hope that you make good use of them. Are you satisfied with this article? Was it very helpful to you?

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