The Best Essential Oil For Female Hormone Balance

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Last Updated on June 28, 2022

The aroma of essential oils can positively impact your mood. The strong scent it provides leaves a calming and relaxing effect. This, in turn, helps to promote good health. And when it comes to the best essential oil for female hormone balance, you want to make the right choice. 

Consumers speak highly of these essential oils. And this is largely due to the numerous health benefits they provide when consumed properly. 

If you haven’t tried them yet, I would strongly recommend you do. Most women have found out that the stress they face due to daily tasks can be managed with essential oils. It is why women primarily consume the product. It is a go-to supplement to restore hormonal balance as well as to promote good health.

Constant use of essential oil help to treat inflammation reduce stress and promote good sleep. Also, most are packed with nutrients allowing for a healthy meal. Essential oils do make a difference. But how? What are they, and why are they widely popular? Also, how do they provide female hormone balance? What are the best essential oils for this? 

These are questions that will be answered as you continue to enjoy your read. So, let’s get right into it.

What Are Essential Oils?

These are natural oils that consist of natural chemicals. These chemicals are derived from specific parts of organic plants.

Manufacturers make use of different methods during their extraction process to derive and concentrate the solution. Once the concentration is derived from the plant, manufacturers package a miniature form of the concentrated oil as it would go a long way. A little form is highly potent.

What Are Essential Oils

Why Are They Widely Popular?

Though research on the impact of this product is still in its infancy, the little being conducted has shown positive results. It suggests that essential oils are highly beneficial to human health. It shows that it is particularly effective on hormonal activity.

Traditional healers also use this product to cure severe ailments. It can reduce stress, encourage better sleep patterns, and allow for better focus.

The scent that essential oils provide is pleasant and calming. The scent enhances the Performance of the solution. This is because the olfactory tube is linked with the part of the brain responsible for reacting to emotions and the storage of memories.

Psychological studies show that scent has a stronghold over positive and negative associations. And, those associations can stimulate the release of the “feel-good” hormone or stress hormone.

It also helps a lot that essential oils, when used to balance hormone, has little or no risk. So, there is no harm in giving it a try.

What Exactly is Hormonal Imbalance?

The body has several hormones. And, all the various hormones have their specific task to carry out. When any of these hormones in the body are too low or too high, the body suffers.

Also, several hormones in the female body deliver messages to other systems. It isn’t only the sex hormone that you quickly think of.

Imbalance in estrogen and progesterone is primarily responsible for the uncomfortable symptoms women experience during menopause. These symptoms can be in the form of weight gain, hot flashes, and fatigue.

Remarkable Essential Oil For Female Hormone Balance 

It seems that there are loads of essential oils for different applications. However, below are the best essential oils for hormone balance.

Clary Sage

A few studies have shown that clary sage essential oil has a significant impact on hormones. An investigation revealed that cortisol levels in applicants reduced by 35.5%. There was also an increase in serotonin levels by just inhaling Sage essential oil.

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Also, a few studies tell us that that clary sage impacts thyroid hormones. It can help to improve thyroid hormone levels and balance the body’s estrogen. It does this by evenly distributing estrogen. This is highly important as most women face challenges of excess estrogen. 

And estrogen level can be increased simply due to the food you consume; it can also be due to the environment you live in. Furthermore, research teaches us that aromatherapy helps a lot with menstrual cramps.


Lavender essential oil is a top-rated product. It is known to have lots of healing properties. Experts tell us that it benefits hormonal balance, stress, anxiety, headaches, and pain.

Lavender helps to reduce the amount of cortisol that the adrenal glands releases. Regardless of the form of application, lavender can help curb symptoms of mood swings and depression brought upon by PMS. 

Due to the fact lavender is an apoptogenic solution, it can help with hormonal balance as it adapts to your body’s specific needs.


Frankincense is another one of the effective hormone balancing essential oils that can help the body’s thyroid hormones. Research tells us that its solution helps to reduce inflammation. It also helps to decrease cortisol, which has a significant influence on thyroid functioning.

However, it is essential to note that the research on this is limited. Still, the few studies conducted show that frankincense is a success in relieving menstrual and menopausal symptoms. Also, this product helps to regulate the production of estrogen.

Frankincense Oil - Hormone Balance


Yes, rose essential oil helps with female hormone balance. It is known to balance the body’s testosterone levels. And, this is highly important for both the female and male folk.

Rose is an aphrodisiac as well. This means that it helps to stimulate the libido. Research also tells us that rose helps a lot to provide calm and relaxation to the body. It helps to improve breathing and lowers blood pressure as well.

Take Away

The essential oils for hormones listed above are excellent remedies for female hormonal imbalance challenges. However, it is best to seek advice from your provider on how to use it.

Essential oils are highly potent. You want to avoid using them in their pure form. Dilute them properly before you use them for treatment. 

For topical application, mix a few drops with carrier oils like olive and coconut. For inhalation, mix a few water drops, and afterward, you inhale the scent. To ensure maximum safety, you want to dilute your carrier oils and essential oils properly. 

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