How To Plant Lemon Seeds In Your Garden

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Last Updated on June 7, 2022

There are many health benefits of lemon juice, and if you have room in your garden, there is nothing wrong with having the citrus fruit in your yard. But if you wonder how to plant lemon seeds, it will interest you to know; there is no much work required, aside from preparing the ground for planting.

How To Plant Lemon Seeds

The propagation of lemon fruit is by seed, so you surely want to get hold of some fine quality seeds for planting. But you don’t need to search far to get quality seeds. You could suck on some fresh fruits and then gather a few of the seeds for planting. There is also the option of sourcing from an organic farm if you are not sure about getting the right quality.

While there is the option of grafting lemon trees to propagate a new plant,  it requires experience to pull it off. Although grafting is a quick way to grow lemon fruits compared to planting from seed, you could get good quality fruits from both methods.

How To Plant Lemon Seeds

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Planting Lemon Seeds

You should use fresh seeds from a lemon fruit. Wash off any remains of the juice to eliminate any residue that can promote the growth of bacteria. Avoid dry seeds that have stayed out for longer, so you want to get to planting immediately after you finish with cleaning.

  • Put Soil in Pot

The next procedure will be to ready the pot for planting. And this will involve filling it with pasteurized soil to ensure there are enough nutrients for your plants to grow. An alternative will be mix in half perlite and peat moss. But you will need to do this properly and may compromise the plant’s health if not correctly rationed.

  • Make Hole for Seed

When the pot has been filled halfway with rich soil, you want to make a 1.27cm deep hole in the middle for your seed. You can do this by poking your finger down into the pot. A pencil will also be suitable for the same purpose. It would help if you made a few holes say five, so you can increase the chances of reaching maturity.

  • Drop Seed in Hole

The pot is then ready for planting, and you will have to drop in a few seeds into the hole. Leaving more than one is best to give them a good chance of sprouting. You want to make sure to have the pointed tip of the lemon seed facing downwards in the soil. This is so it can tap directly into the nutrient bed. You will have to do this for all the individual holes you have made for planting the lemon seeds.

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  • Use a Breathable Plastic to Cover the Pot

Once you have seeded the pot with the lemons, you will have to use a breathable plastic to cover the pot. This helps to trap in heat and moisture, which will help speed up the germination. Use a rubber band to tighten the plastic wrap onto the container and make holes on the cover’s top for the plant to breathe.

  • Keep the Pot in a Ventilated Area

The pot will need to be kept in the open where there is enough warm air to respire. This is important for photosynthesis to occur, without which, the whole effort would be in vain. You want to avoid excess sunlight as it could hinder the growth of the plant. The ideal temperature at this stage should be kept at 20 degrees centigrade to 27 degrees.

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Caring for Lemon Seeds

Watering is necessary when the soil gets dry, so you want to check out the texture regularly. During the first week, there should be enough moisture from the heat-trapping inside the pot. But during the dry season, you may have to wet the soil daily. You should remove the covering on the pot before watering and cover it adequately afterward.

You should notice the plant sprouting as early as two weeks, but if there are no signs by the fourth week, you may want to repeat the process. There are several reasons you may not be successful with planting lemon seeds. Selecting dried out seeds, poor soil preparation, and too much sunlight are some of the things that can affect the propagation. So you must take caution every step of the way.

Final Note

Now that you know how to plant lemon seeds in your garden, you want to remember to source fresh fruits and use the seeds immediately when growing the fruit in your yard.

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