Lemon Water Before Bed – The Benefits

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Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Lemon water before bed; is it ideal or not? Let’s find out. The health benefits of drinking lemon water before bed cannot be overemphasized.

Lemon is nutritious as it contains nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, and fiber. Although it’s important to drink water you can also get more health benefits from adding lemon juice to water.

It will do you so much good if you can imbibe a lifestyle of taking lemon water before going to sleep at night. It is known that vitamin C strengthens the body’s immune system and also prevents eye problems, prenatal health, cardiovascular disease, and aging.

Taking fresh lemon juice undiluted with water can give a harsh shocking feeling to your teeth due to its sour taste. But when you dilute it in water before drinking it, it can taste better.

So, let’s check out the benefits of using lemon water before bed.

Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Before Bedtime; Benefits

1.      Weight loss

You can avoid adding weight by switching from drinking beverages with calories to non-caloric beverages such as drinking lemon water before bedtime and at other times.

Furthermore, it’s being proven scientifically that these non-caloric beverages can increase metabolism by 30 percent. Hence, you can lose some weight by drinking lemon water before every meal.

2.      Stronger immune system

Vitamin C is a type of nutrient that can be richly found in lemons. A vital function of vitamin C is strengthening the immune system. It also helps to prevent diseases from invading the body system. Other citrus fruits that help in strengthening the immune system are oranges, grapefruits, and more.

Can I drink lemon water at night to lose weight

3.      Sore throat relief

To get relieved from sore throat, drink lemon water especially after mixing it with honey and ginger. It is also a good thing to drink lemon water before bed to prevent a sore throat from getting worst. A way of being relieved from symptoms of the common cold is also by taking lemon water.

4.      It aids digestion

When you drink lemon water before going to bed, you will have no reason to worry about any digestive problems like constipation and nausea.

If you’re having any of these digestive problems, drinking lemon water before going to sleep can get you relieved. You will also wake up in the morning feeling healthy and fresh. You’re sure of having a cleansed digestive system and better bowel movement after taking lemon water. It will also be of great advantage to you if you have heartburn and acid reflux.

5.      Better skin health

It has been found that better skin health that is free from radicals starts with the supply of antioxidants to the skin. Antioxidants are a component of lemon water. It helps to fight free radicals and also helps to keep the skin looking young and healthy.

The function of vitamin C in lemon water is to also produce collagen which helps in keeping the face smooth. Furthermore, taking vitamin C regularly will help in reducing wrinkles and also keep the skin looking young.

6.      Prevention of kidney stones

Lemon gives citric acid which reduces the possibility of calcium kidney stones. You can prevent calcium kidney stones by drinking lemon water every night. Kidney stones can also be prevented by drinking lots of water.

7.      May cure cancer

It’s been suggested that taking flavonoids can help reduce the risk of various cancers like lungs, breast, prostate, colon, and pancreatic cancer. Although it’s not being proven scientifically, lemon water contains flavonoids that can help to prevent cancer.

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Is Taking Hot Lemon Water Better Than Taking It Cold?

Hot lemon water and cold lemon water are both of great benefit to the body. Having a hot lemon water drink during cold weather before bed is a way of getting the body warm. It also helps with congestion.

While taking an iced cold lemon water drink refreshes the body. Taking cold is not an issue because your body will definitely warm it up as it gets into your body system. But in an actual sense, it may be better if your lemon water is neither cold nor hot. Taking it when it’s at room temperature is the best. Let’s get to know why.

  • You get the best of health benefits when you drink your lemon water when it’s at room temperature or when it’s warm. The energetic and enzymatic components in lemon water will have their unrestricted flow.
  • Although taking hot lemon water is preferable to take it cold. But drinking your lemon water hot is not too good because the hot water can affect the lemon juice in a way. It makes your lemon water not to be as potent as it should be. This is because the energetic and enzymatic components in the lemon water have been destroyed.
  • Drinking your lemon water iced cold will need your body to provide more energy than usual to heat it up. It may also prevent digestive health benefits.

How To Keep Lemon Juice From Spoiling Without Keeping It In The Fridge?

Lemon juice is naturally acidic, hence the reason why it can’t get spoil quickly. For this reason, you can preserve lemon juice without putting it in a fridge. How long your lemon juice will last depends on the method you use in preserving it.

If you’re preserving it without a fridge and no other method, it will last up to 2 to 4 days. Ideally, other common types of juice like orange juice, don’t last as long as this. Lemon juice stays longer because of its natural acidity.

If you’re considering preserving it for more than the usual 2 to 4 days, then you should can and boil it very well. You can use an example of let’s say a 1000 ml jar as the procedure to preserve your lemon juice. For 1000 and 500 ml of lemon juice, boil for 5 minutes.

And for 2 liters of lemon juice, boil for 10 minutes and so on. The natural acidity of lemon juice can be retained through canning and boiling. It will also help to prevent other microorganisms that can lead to the juice from getting spoil.

This way, you will get to have your juice still very much okay to be consumed. But note that it won’t be as fresh as when you just squeezed the juice out.

why drink lemon water before bed

Lemon Water Before Bed: Conclusion

Lemon water before bed can be a soothing routine to imbibe. You will be really amazed at the result you will get and how great you will feel.


Why drink lemon water before bed?

Lemons have components like energetic and enzymatic components that are of great health benefits. So with these great components in lemon, taking it with water before bed will be of great health benefits to the body. Some benefits are; easy way to burn calories; better skin health; preventing cancer and kidney stone; a stronger immune system and so on.

How long before bed do you drink lemon water?

There’s really no type of time commitment when it comes to drinking lemon water before bed. Just make sure you’re taking it the right way, either warm or at room temperature, to get the best of your lemon water drink.

Can I drink lemon water before bed?

Yes, lemon water can be taken before bed, especially for soothing relief to sore throat and the common cold. You also wake up feeling healthy and refreshed.

Can I drink lemon water at night to loose weight?

Lemon water may be effective for weight loss. This is because it is a type of drink that contains no calories, unlike other beverages.

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