What To Do With Old Pillows? Tips to Recycle At Home

Last Updated on June 12, 2022

Pillows accumulate unpleasant things such as dead skin cells, skin oils, saliva, mold, and makeup. Moreover,  they may also wear and tear. So, what to do with those old pillows? The first thing you can do with an old pillow is to clean it. Pillows used for more than two years are considered old. The national sleep foundation recommends that a pillow be replaced after one to two years of being in use.

How To Clean Your Pillow

The first thing you need to do is to clean your pillow. You need to first check the label of your pillow before starting the cleaning process.  However, you can use the following general tips  to clean your  pillow

Step 1:

Put your pillows on the washing machine and add detergent preferably powder

How To Clean Your Pillow

Step 2:

Leave it  on the gentle cycle  for some minutes

Step 3:

Move the pillows to the dryer and put some tennis balls to break any clumps.

Now that they are clean, here is what to do with them instead of throwing  them away

What To Do With Old Pillows?

  • Recycle or Compost your Pillow

Check with the fabric recycling centers to give your pillow for donation since not all organizations accept pillows. You can as well locate the nearest American textile recycling service bin since they accept all pillows. For down and feather pillows, empty the feathers in a compositing bin and throw away the shell as you would do to any other old household linen.

  • Use them as Throw Away Pillows

Your pillow cannot provide comfort for your head does not mean that it is not comfy.  Get yourself some beautiful fabric and fashion and refurbish the pillows to use them in your living room. You can use the stuffing from other old pillows and make one fluffy throw or a different design pillow.

  • You Can also Use them for Outdoor Seating

Choose to reupholster your old pillows using weather-resistant fabric to use them on the garden seating.  If they get messed up by a  flock of bird or a storm, you won’t feel pained getting rid of them compared to what you would feel if they were new pillows.

  • Create more Floor Seating

If you are trying to reinvent some pillow, making them a floor pouf could be your best option. You can use the sorry Girls to learn how to use stuffing from three pillows to make a floor pouf. However, you can always adjust the size.

  • Make them into Bed Pet

If you can steal your pillow at night, give it to him. Cover the pillow with old shirts stitched together or a soft old blanket and relax in a style

  • Use the Feathers to Make Fertilizer

Remember, I stated that feathers can be composted. Thus, put the stuffing in a compost bin and add vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and other leaves. After six months, you will have a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Use the feathers to make fertilizer

There are various ideas to consider if you are planning to recycle your old pillows.  You might decide to keep your pillows until you have enough to do some DIY projects.