What To Do With Lavender Flowers

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Last Updated on July 5, 2022

Wondering what to do with lavender flowers in your yard? There are many applications of the plant. They are simply remarkable herbs. Little wonder they are loved and appreciated by gardeners and traditional healers. They work magic in the home, food, and body.

Lavender flowers are multipurpose herbs. They are mostly used in a home for their fragrance and perfumes. They are also loved by traditional healers for their healing potency.

This piece will provide you with uses of lavender flowers. It will tell you why lots of people and I recommend this remarkable herb. Let’s get right to it.

Things to Do with Lavender Flowers

Sweet Lemonade with Fresh Lavender

Just like me, there are lots of people who make tea with lavender flowers. It improves the health benefits of beverages. You just make it as a tea with its leave and hot water. Afterward, you extract the water and add it to lemonade. You can add diluted sugar or honey to the mix for a tastier beverage.

Sweet Lemonade with Fresh Lavender


Most people love the lavender herb for its therapeutic properties. It smells pleasant and relaxing. The fragrance it provides helps to relax the human body. It does so by promoting calmness and boosting wellness.

It also helps to combat certain neurological disorders. Such disorders include stress, anxiety, and mood swings. Some research shows lavender as an effective therapy for mild pain. This is something remarkable. It is why it is very popular amongst traditional healers.

Sleep Aid

The fragrance you get from lavender is relaxing. It helps to relax your mind and calm your nerves. This will inevitably improve sleep performance. You can place a few stems close to your pillow or bed area. This is so as you get the pleasing fragrance with every inhale. You can go further and place the herbs inside a pillowcase and lay on it. This will improve the result.

Skin and Hair Treatment

Lavender helps to improve skin health. When applied to the skin, it effectively combats fungal infections. There are several skin conditions that it is renowned for treating. Eczema, and acne, are two great examples of such situations. When used daily for a while, it soothes the skin. This, in turn, fights acne and eczemas.

Skin and Hair Treatment

Other than treating skin ailments, it can be used as skin fragrances. Most commercial products infuse lavender in their skin products. It is merely because of the aroma it dishes out. Some standard products to find lavender are soaps, shampoos, and lotions.


Did you know that lavender flowers can also be used in décor? You can use the herb’s stem for certain décor items in your space. You can form a ball with them on top of your shelves, tables, and dining areas. The smell and aroma please the surrounding.

The look and smell compliment your home. You can cut them up and display them in sizes. Make sure your space compliments the flower décor. Also, it’s best to display them in the bath area and bedroom too. The pleasant smell enhances such spaces.

Moth Repellant

Did you know that lavender leaves are excellent moth repellant? Although they do not kill moths, they protect your space from them. Moths are offended by the smell of the herb, so do not get close to it. It is best to put the dried herbs in your wardrobes. You simply make lavender bags with them and place them inside the wardrobes.

Lavender Sachet and Cedar Bags – Moth Repellent Sachets

Lavender Bags with Dried Lavender

You can fill up a big with this remarkable herb. You can use a paper envelope or a fabric bag|. The aim is to freshen a couple of small spaces in the home. They do not have to look like décor in this case; you just use them as an air freshener.


Did you know that lavender flowers can be used in cuisine? It is one of the unique benefits of the special flowers. Commercial restaurants and chefs use lavender to improve the taste of their pastries and dishes. They are used as sweeteners, that’s it.

Other than the beautiful aroma it provides, it also offers an excellent taste. When consumed in the body, it also provides health benefits. This is so because of its anti-bacterial properties. This means that the flowers can give taste and fight off bacteria from the body. Simply magnificent.

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Many Things You Can make with Lavender

This piece shows why lavender is very popular in homes and commercial restaurants. The herbs are merely magnificent and improve the performance of the body and the home. Make sure to infuse them into your diet. Ensure you use them as repellants. Try using them in your skincare routine and cleaning regime. You will surely reap the benefits.

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