The Amazing Top Mullein Garlic Oil Benefits

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

Have you heard about the mullein garlic oil benefits for your health?  There are so many healing properties in mullein garlic oil.  

This article will give you up-to-date information about the properties of mullein garlic oil and all of its uses.  Nowadays more than ever, we need to be concerned about our health.

Natural medicines are things that come directly from nature with no chemical processing.  They have been used for centuries by all of our Sapien ancestors.  It is the original medicine: nature.

Mullein garlic oil is considered a natural remedy that is easily accessible.  In fact, mullein grows very strong in many parts of the world.  Some even consider it a weed and try to keep it out of their garden! 

However, indigenous populations of North America have been using mullein as a remedy for many different ailments.  Today, we will learn about all the uses of mullein.  We will also learn about the top mullein garlic oil benefits.  

Garlic is another natural product that has very strong healing properties.  We all use garlic in our cooking, but when consumed raw it has numerous benefits.

So what happens when you combine both mullein and garlic?

Keep reading this article now to explore the mullein garlic oil benefits!  

What Is Mullein Garlic Oil?

Mullein garlic oil is a combination of dried Mullein herbs and a garlic extract.  The herbs are dried and pressed to create an essential oil.

This oil is very concentrated and powerful.  You should never use too many drops of any essential oil because it is so condensed.  Mullein garlic oil often contains other beneficial herbs inside.

Some common combinations are with St. Johns wart, calendula, and yarrow.   Each mix has different impacts.

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One mullein garlic oil benefit is for things related to inflammation.  Many different respiratory conditions are related to an inflammation of the lungs or nasal passageways.  Using an anti-inflammatory is something that helps keep this in balance. 

It is best to use the remedies daily over long periods of time to get the full benefits.  Garlic is really good at acting as an antibiotic.  If you have an infection, it can help reduce the pain and heal you overall.

This oil can also be good in helping people relax.  A lot of us suffer from daily stressors and need help to calm down after a long day.  Take a few drops of mullein garlic oil to help relax.

How To Use Garlic Mullein Oil?

You do not need to use a lot of each product.  So, they can last you a very long time.

One method of consumption is to drop 3-5 drops into a small glass of water.  Always read the instructions recommended on the mullein garlic oil bottle.   

Making essential oils is one great way to preserve the herbal properties over a long period of time.  This is one of the reasons it emerged as a technique.  If you are purchasing these oils, you do not need to worry about an expiration date.

They should last until you run out! 

The creation of essential oils is a long process that doesn’t yield that much liquid.  This is why you usually find them being sold in small bottles.  You need to use a lot of herbs to get only a few fluid ounces of oil. 

All the more reason we should appreciate it! Anything that comes from natural materials is a limited resource.  So use carefully and with gratitude. 

Mullein For The Lungs

Mullein has been a traditional medicine in native American populations for thousands of years.  There are many different ways it can be consumed.

Of course, it can be made as an essential oil as we have already discussed.  But another way it is used is by putting the dried herb in a tea.  Simply soak the herb in a pot of hot water and consume immediately.

This will loosen the phlegm in your system as well as act as an expectorant.  An expectorant is something that helps stop you from coughing. 

When you are sick, drink mullein tea or consume the oil in water.  It should help right away.  

According to the MDPI Scientific Journal, “Mullein (Verbascum spp.) has been widely used in Spanish folk medicine to treat several pathologies, and these applications suggest the potential anti-inflammatory action of these plants.”

This anti-inflammatory property is what helps the lungs.  Usually, when people suffer from respiratory issues, it is due to the inflammation of their air passageways.  

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To Sum Up

This is why mullein is a very useful plant! If you want to grow it yourself, it is not very difficult.  

Natural medicine is a great way to heal your body in a holistic way.  Using things like mullein garlic oil can help you heal over a long period of time.  It can help you build a stronger immune system.  

The immune system is so important in helping you fight off all kinds of sicknesses.  Now you understand the mullein garlic oil benefits.  You can purchase these oils online.  

There are many natural herb companies that sell different herbal combinations. Give it a try and see which results you get!  Remember, you need to use these over a long course of time for it to be effective.  

Share with us your results! Feel free to comment and ask questions.


How long does garlic mullein oil last?

Since these are essential oils, they have an extremely long shelf life if properly stored. Make sure to put the cap on your oils after use.

You do not need to use a lot of each product. So, they can last you a very long time.

What is mullein garlic oil used for?

It can be used to fight any sort of inflammation issue you may be having. Some reason you may use it is if you have chronic difficulty breathing, clogged nose, hangover from alcohol, indigestion from food, and other pain.

What does mullein do for lungs?

Mullein has long been known in indigenous culture to help people with any issue related to the lungs. The oil from the herb helps to break down phlegm in the body. If you suffer from mild asthma, you can use this to unclog your system.

How long does garlic mullein oil last?

Since these are essential oils, they have an extremely long shelf life if properly stored. Make sure to put the cap on your oils after use.