The Ultimate Guide To What Scents Go Well With Coconut

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Last Updated on June 4, 2022

Do you want to know what scents go well with coconut?  Lucky for you, we have spent time researching many different smells and which ones are the most compatible! 

Who doesn’t love the scent of coconut?  Maybe it reminds you of that beach vacation you took last year.  

Coconuts are one of the most versatile and useful plants that grow in tropical climates.  Lucky for those who live in the west, coconut products are exported all around the world.

This is why you are able to buy coconut oil, skin products, and coconut milk everywhere in the United States.  If you use coconut oil a lot, you might be wondering what scents go well with coconut?  

Of course, the coconut gives off a smell.  So it is best to pair it with the right thing to create something even better! 

You don’t want to use a smell that clashes with coconut.  But coconut is so good, that you don’t want to stop using it to accommodate another smell! 

This is why we have figured out what scents go well with coconut and decided to write this article.  We want to help you find that perfect combination that helps you feel fresh and confident throughout the day.  

Keep reading now to find out our top picks!

What Smells Good With Coconut?

If you have smelled coconuts before, you know that it has a very subtle smell.  It is not very strong or overpowering. 

This is what makes it a good base scent to pair other scents with.  Every coconut product smells different.  So you will have to be the final judge of what works best in your specific situation.  

Before we tell you what scents go well with coconut, let’s learn a little bit more about the coconut tree!

The coconut tree is from the palm tree family.  But what sets it apart from all other palms is its delicious fruit that grows.  These fruits are called coconuts.

They look like green or brown spheres depending on which variety it is.  Inside the coconut is a delicious, lightly sweet nectar that makes for a tasty drink.  People drink it to cool down on a hot day and for a healthy refreshing treat.  

There are so many benefits to drinking coconuts.  In fact, they are very high in vitamin B and potassium.  

Not only does a coconut fruit contain water, but it also has a unique fleshy skin.  Once the water is consumed, you can scoop out this flesh and eat it. 

It is an excellent addition to smoothie bowls or a granola breakfast.  You can also purchase dried and candied coconut skins for a sweet snack! 

The outer shell is usually dried and shredded to be used as mulch in a garden system.  The beautiful thing about coconut fruit is that all parts have great uses.

One popular product available today is coconut oil.  Coconut oil is produced by pressing the coconut flesh to remove the fats.  

Coconut oil contains very healthy fats.  It can be used as a great alternative to fattier oils like canola or soybean. 

Coconut Essential Oil Blends

This oil is very useful for many things. You can use it for cooking, as a skin moisturizer, or as a base for different products.   Some people use coconut oil to make soap.  

There are different grades of coconut oil for each use.  For example, coconut cooking oil is not as refined as the oil used in beauty products.  

One popular thing you can find is coconut essential oil blends.  Some people sell them already mixed, but you can easily make your own at home. 

Coconut Essential Oil Blends

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All you need are essential oils and coconut oil.  This is why you might want to know what scents go well with coconut.  Knowing this, you can make the best coconut essential oil blends.

You can sell these blends for a pretty penny on today’s market.  It is becoming increasingly popular. 

It is such a miraculous fruit that can be used for so many things! 

According to Science Direct, “Coconut is the “tree of life” as it plays a vital role, in addition to giving food, drink, and shelter, in the economies of many small island countries in the Caribbean, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.” 

If you want to know which essential oils go well with coconut, keep reading.  Some of the best combinations are Rosemary and Lemon with the oil.  

Put 2 drops of essential oil for every teaspoon of coconut oil.  Make sure to use the correct measuring tools.  

After you mix the ingredients, test it out and see how you feel.  Use your creativity to add more or less based on your feelings. 

If you think the essential oil smell is too overpowering, just add more coconut oil.  This will balance it out.  

Another good combination is lavender essential oil and coconut oil.  Lavender is a great scent that goes well with coconut. 

What Scent Combination Is Best?

The scent is one of our five senses and everyone experiences it differently.  Determining what scent combination is best will be up for you to decide.  The smell is largely up to personal preference.

If it were up to us to decide, we would say lavender and coconut is the best combination.

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It leaves you feeling fresh, alert, and airy throughout the day.

It is important to surround yourself with good natural scents.  There are many health therapies that use essential oils to heal.  This is why it is a good idea to know what scents go well with coconut.

You can make combinations that leave you feeling good.  Another big benefit of using coconut is that it is a relatively renewable resource.

If the tree is not cut down, it can keep producing fruit for 60-70 years!  Also, even if the tree is cut down the wood and leaves can be used.  

Be sure to source your coconut oil from a good farm that helps the earth!  Hopefully, you now know what scents go well with coconut.

Feel free to comment and ask questions below!


What scent combination is best?

If it were up to us to decide, we would say lavender and coconut is the best combination. It leaves you feeling fresh, alert, and airy throughout the day.

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