Best Sous Vide Plastic Alternative

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Last Updated on June 23, 2022

What could you use for a sous vide plastic alternative? Before discussing more on this, let’s first of all answer the critical question, what’re sous vide?

Sous vide is a unique cooking method developed in France. It means “under vacuum” as it allows for the preparation of vacuum-sealed meals in a temperature-regulated bath. This method enables consistency that you wouldn’t find in other culinary methods. It allows the food to be sealed off from water. This then produces various results compared to boiling or steaming.

Although sous vide is new, the concept is age-old. Far back, humans cooked in leaves, sealed bags, and parchment papers. The process is highly effective as it retains the food’s flavor and provides great nutrients. However, it takes a long time to prepare.

Let me quickly run through the pros and cons of under vacuum cooking.

What Are the Benefits Of Sous Vide?

As already stated, using the “Under vacuum” cooking technique allows flavor and nutrients to retain in meals. You get to feel the taste of every ingredient, covered with a nice color as well.

The Sous vide technique introduces the use of vacuum-sealed bags. And, because the ingredients are prepared with this, they get compressed continuously absorbing all liquids. This is why the foods are always tasty, dry, and leaves a great aroma.

Boiling wouldn’t provide the same result. In most cases when food is boiled, its flavor gets dispersed into the water. While steaming will oxidize the ingredients for a while. This tends to eliminate nutrients and color. It also produces uneven cooking.

Sous vide cooking also enables precision. The cooker is set to a specific temperature that allows for maximum precision. On the other hand, when meals are roasted or baked, it allows for traveling airflow. This results in a very prominent flaw that produces a meal that is always hotter at the back.

However, because there is very little water in sous vide, it keeps the exact temperature intact. This produces a consistent result.

What Are the Drawbacks Of Sous Vide?

There are certain drawbacks of under vacuum cooking. Sous vide without plastic will eliminate the char-grilled taste from meals. But this wouldn’t be the case when using a cast iron pan for browning. This produces an intense heat that forms natural sugar. It also forms caramelization producing concentrated flavors. It is best that raw ingredients get caramelized and generates natural sugars.

Another major drawback of sous vide cooking is that it is a no-no for health inspectors. They see the technique as a health violation. Research shows that bacteria flourishes between 42 and 140F. However, for under vacuum cooking to take place, the temperature is set about 130F – 137F. To change this, the little oxygen used in cooking at the above temperature reduces bacteria’s chances. This is assuming the meal is vacuum-packed at a temperature of 42F and below.

What Are the Drawbacks Of Sous Vide

The cons of sous vide have driven chefs and cooking enthusiasts to find other alternatives. Under-vacuum cooking is excellent as it provides a great taste and flavor to meals. It also ensures that meals are prepared to the consumer’s desired satisfaction. However, the technique is frowned upon by health inspectors. It is also expensive and takes a long time for full preparation.

What Are The Best Alternatives For Sous Vide Plastic?

Sous vide uses a plastic bag to vacuum the food. Not everyone is comfortable with this. Some consumers do not like their meals coming in contact with plastic. This is because it is believed that plastic bags can directly harm food and make them unsafe. So, instead of using sous vide plastic bag, below are excellent alternatives you could consider

Wax Your Meal With A High Melting Point

Although this method might seem unorthodox or weird, it is very useful. Carnauba wax can be excellent sous vide plastic alternative. This is because waxing fulfills all the requirements needed for your meals to be prepared using vacuum cooking. For this to happen, you have to paint or coat wax on your food.

You can make use of gauze as well as it seems to do the trick. All you have to do is soak a piece of gauze in wax already melted. Afterward, you wrap the food. You have to ensure that it is cool enough before you start cooking.

Carnauba Wax Flakes 1 LB – Food Grade, Vegan

Make Use Of Glass

Using glass in place of sous vide plastic safe bags is also a great idea. In fact, lots of chefs do this because there are no harms involved. Nevertheless, to be successful with this method there are a few things you have to keep in check.

For instance, your preparation time would vary when using glass for sous vide. This is because glass is an insulator. And as a result, it wouldn’t absorb heat quickly. And as such could be a safe alternative to plastic bottles if you need to limit your plastic footprints.

So, before deciding to use glass, you must be familiar with how it works to enable you to get the best result.

Make Use Of Anything Protective

Instead of plastic bags for under vacuum cooking, you can make use of something protective. You can opt for a protective cover to substitute for plastic. This ensures that the food doesn’t have any chemical residue.

Make Use Of Silicon

Silicon is a more familiar alternative to sous vide plastic. Silicon bags would come in very handy. They are cheap and easy to find compared to plastic bags. Silicon bags are also very beneficial because they do not leave any chemical content in your meal. There is no harm in using food-grade silicone to cook your meals. you only have to face challenges like finding the ones with sealable bags.

Make Use Of Silicon

Final Note

Sous vide is a great cooking technique for preparing excellent meals. You get to taste all the essential ingredients. You also get to prepare your meal at the right temperature.

Still, sous vide is a technique that lots of health inspectors do not approve of. It also might be an expensive cooking technique and takes a little more time to prepare.

Above are excellent alternatives for under vacuum cooking. They are convenient, accessible, and easy to use. I would employ you to start using these alternatives as they work efficiently and provide an excellent result.

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