Pro Metabolic Diet – All You Need To Know

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022

If you’re concerned about your overall health, then you should probably look into your metabolism. Then if you want to support your lifestyle with a good diet plan then you can assist it with a healthy pro metabolic diet. A pro metabolic diet is eating in a healthy way that can support your metabolism.

Metabolism plays a key role in things such as our immune system, digestive system, sex hormones, and so on. This same metabolism is also responsible for how our body assimilates things such as glucose, minerals, vitamins, fats, protein, and turns them into energy.

So, we can see how our metabolism is crucial in the aspect of our health as it is a window to our overall health. Now, let’s look into pro metabolic diet


How can I boost my metabolism after 40

So, what do you know about metabolism? Well, metabolism is a means by which our body converts the food and drink we consume into energy. Hence, metabolism influences our body’s need for energy.

As this metabolic process occurs, calories in food, as well as beverages, are combined with oxygen to release the energy required by our body. Even while we are at rest, metabolism still goes on because our body requires energy for all those hidden functions like breathing, blood circulation, and hormone adjustment levels, then growing and repairing of cells.

So, the amount or number of calories used by our body to carry out these basic functions is referred to as the basal metabolic rate (also known as metabolism).

Pro Metabolic Diet

When we talk about a pro metabolic diet, we are referring to how we can imbibe a healthy lifestyle in the way we eat just to support our metabolism. A pro metabolic diet means nourishing our body with foods that support our biological composition.

Understanding the basic human physiology alone will tell us the food we consume tends to act metabolically either in a supportive way supportive or otherwise.

Pro Metabolic Diet: How It Supports Our Body

There is something we call bioavailability foods and consuming these types of food is a way of supporting our metabolism.

  • Bioavailability foods are foods that are pretty easy to digest and the nutrients in these foods are easy to be assimilated or absorbed. Thus they are easy food for the body to use as energy.

Pre metabolic diet helps with supporting our body especially when it comes to stress management or stress hormones. For instance, the contemporary world we are in now is usually full of stressful events in almost every aspect.

Not only do our day-to-day activities or lifestyle add to the stress, but environmental toxins, pharmaceuticals, and the like also contribute to stress. This shows that our body is usually in a constant state of stress. So, consuming a metabolically supportive diet is an excellent means to mitigate stress hormones.

Thyroid hormone is affected anytime we are facing stress or running on stress hormone. This implies that our thyroid function determines our metabolic function. Hence, anytime we feel stressed, our thyroid hormone is impaired. This in turn means that our metabolism is impaired.

But the aim of our body is to feel safe. So, anytime our body enters into that state of stress, our metabolism tends to slow down. This is just to avoid using up more energy than we should.

However, it is typically impossible to avoid stress in this day and age. So, when we consume metabolically supportive foods, it can assist in supporting metabolic function. Therefore, if we are able to supply our body with the right food in the right amount, then stress hormones can be minimized in this way.

Pro Metabolic Foods

So, the examples of pro metabolic food include:

  • Root vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Maple syrup
  • Honey

Then we have the pasture-raised food such as:

Why Does This Pro Metabolic Diet Works?

What are pro metabolic foods

When we consume a pro metabolic diet, we are simply fueling our bodies and focusing on foods that support our body on a cellular level. When we eat pro metabolically, it means we are feeding our body what it needs to be fed with.

For instance, the source of energy preferred by our cells is glucose which is also known as carbohydrates. You should know that every single cell in our body typically runs on glucose.

Therefore, if you find yourself consuming a very low carbohydrate diet, your body will most likely show the repercussion with symptoms.

Even if our body isn’t getting glucose from what we eat, our body will still find a way around to produce this glucose because glucose is needed in the body. Our body will simply convert the protein and fats in our body into glucose. So, why not just give the body what it’s asking for?

So, when we eat the right way that is supportive to our body, it means we will be stressing our body lesser because it won’t have to work too much look for the required nutrients it needs. Thus, our bodies will have an easier time taking care of external stress.

Ways To Support Metabolism

So, below are the ways you can support metabolism:

  • Eat adequate calories

As we have mentioned earlier, calories are important in our daily requirements. If you aren’t giving your body enough calories, you’re simply slowing down your metabolism.

  • Eat once you wake up

Usually, when we wake up in the morning, we must have already fasted and lost about 8 hours of fuel. So, your body will need fueling. Now, when you skip breakfast or consume coffee on an empty stomach, it can have a negative impact on our thyroid hormone and in turn have an impact on our metabolism.

So, we recommend you eat within 30 minutes of waking up. But if you aren’t hungry, you can just take a snack.

  • Consume protein, fats, and carbohydrates at once

When you combine carbohydrates, fat, and protein, it can assist to avoid a rollercoaster of your blood sugar. This is because protein will assist in slowing down the release of glucose into your bloodstream.

Metabolism Monitor


So, we have seen how our metabolism is very crucial to our overall health. Then we can always add a pro metabolic diet to help improve our well-being.


What are pro metabolic foods?

Pro metabolic foods are foods like fruits, root vegetables, honey, maple syrup, and pasteurized raised meat and eggs.

What are the 3 metabolic types

The 3 types of metabolic include ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.

What is a pro metabolic food?

A pro metabolic food is a food that supports our metabolism. Hence, they support our overall health.

How can I boost my metabolism after 40?

You can boost your metabolism after 40 by doing the following: exercise, eat early at almost the same time every day, minimize alcohol intake, and sleep or rest more.

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