How To Remineralize Teeth Naturally

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Last Updated on May 28, 2022

It is common for the teeth to lose some of its vital minerals, which is not the beginning of a serious medical condition. It is a natural process that takes place due to the effects of chemicals and leftovers from foods and drinks we consume regularly. So how to remineralize your teeth in a natural way? And just as you hoped, there is a lot you can do to make sure your dentition is not at risk. 

Essential Dental Minerals 

For your teeth to stay healthy, it needs minerals such as phosphate and calcium. They play essential roles, such as preventing tooth decay and in dentin formation, which helps solidify the enamel. If you think you have serious lesions in your tooth, you should check with your dentist for possible treatment options. When it comes to teeth remineralization, you can try a few things, and they include. 

Essential Dental Minerals

How To Remineralize Teeth

Regular Brushing 

If you think brushing twice daily only helps with whitening? You should also know that using a fluoride toothpaste helps with remineralization and strengthens the tooth’s root. It also helps with the elimination of bacteria, which could cause tooth problems in the future. So you want to stick to regular tooth wash and also don’t forget to floss. 

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Reduce Sugar Consumption 

Sugary beverages and foods do a lot of harm to the body in excess, and the same goes for your dentition. The high level of acids in sugary foods and beverages causes bacteria buildup in the mouth, which could be dangerous to the enamel. With regular brushing and reduced sugar consumption, you won’t have to worry much about tooth problems. 

Chew More Often 

It is often best to chew your food, as it helps with exercising the mouth and dentition. This is a way of ensuring the roots and teeth stay in shape. But for remineralization, you want to consider sugar-free gum with xylitol or sorbitol as they also prevent the loss of nutrients in the saliva. 

Chew More Often 

Consume More Calcium and Vitamins 

Since the teeth require calcium and vitamins, it is only normal that enjoying food rich in minerals can help prevent its loss. So enjoy foods rich in calcium and also take vitamin supplements occasionally to balance out the loss. 

Vitamin D especially is excellent at preventing cavities, so you want to ensure you get enough daily supply. You can equally trust natural remedies such as tea tree oil to help the gum prevent and treat gingivitis. 

Drink More Water

Hydrating regularly can also help with preventing dry mouth, which could lead to loss of minerals. It is naturally sugar-free and, unlike any other beverage, plays a vital role in body homeostasis. 

Reduce Starch Consumption 

Just like sugar, too much starch could also be the reason why you suffer from tooth problems. Too much of it in the mouth can erode the enamel putting you at risk. 

Use Remineralize Toothpaste

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Take Away 

You don’t need to invest in any particular product to remineralize your teeth. Following a strict dental routine where you brush and floss regularly plus avoid sugary and starchy foods can do a lot for your overall health. You should check with your dentist in the event you need serious medical assistance. 

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