How to Make Perfume with Essential Oil and Vodka

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You don’t have to spend heavily on a sweet-smelling fragrance, with a selection of essential oil and some good old vodka, you can make yourself a perfume for your daily use. 

Essential oils are a breakthrough, and one of the best things to happen to the health and skincare industry. Aside from being completely natural, they possess strong antiseptic and antibiotic properties that make them a great addition to every household.   

Making perfume with essential oil is not at all difficult, with the right procedure and steps, you can do it yourself, without any special training. 

Without wasting any much time, let’s get right to business. 

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy 

Essential oils have been a major ingredient in aromatherapy, since the time if the pyramids. Just like the name implies, aromatherapy involves the use of sweet smell in the treatment of certain conditions. 

The application of essential oil in aromatherapy does not follow a particular pattern. You can use essential oil for 

  • cosmetic aromatherapy 
  • medical aromatherapy 
  • massage aromatherapy
  • olfactory aromatherapy
  • psycho aromatherapy 

Cosmetic aromatherapy has to do with the use of essential oil for skin, face, and hair care products. In the hospital, essential oil is used to prepare patients for surgery. The main aim is to get them to relax with the aid of a certain aroma. 


In massage parlors, you can easily find lavender, jojoba, almond oil, or other types of essential oil. Their main purpose is to ease relaxation and can also have a healing effect. Olfactory aromatherapy involves the inhalation of essential oils to improve breathing and respiratory function. It is also used to lockout foul odors from an environment as in the case with vaporizers. 

Knowing the relationship between essential oil and aromatherapy can influence how you prepare and use the product. 

Benefits of Making Your Essential Oil Perfume

We understand that you may think it is a waste of time to blend oils for the sake of scent when you can buy one across the street. There are a lot of benefits to whipping your special fragrance, and they include. 

  • Experiment 

You get the opportunity to experiment on your fragrance and arrive at a smell you like. It can be difficult at times to find perfume in your local store that resonates with you. So you can add the ingredients you like and customize every bit of the process. 

How to Make Perfume with Essential Oil and Vodka

  • Learn New Skills 

You can learn how to make new things, and adopt a new skill when you make perfume with essential oil and vodka. Although you can’t include it in your CV or mention it at a job interview, it is refreshing, however, when you learn something new. 

  • Extra Income 

Yes, you heard right! Ever considered making extra box by selling your special essential oil and vodka to your friends and family? If your recipe is so good, you could work out a marketing strategy, and start your journey to becoming a small scale manufacturer. 

Now that you are familiar with some ways this lesson can be beneficial to you, we can now take a look at how to make my favorite perfume using essential oil and vodka. 

How to Make Perfume with Essential Oil and Vodka? 

You should know that it is up to you to decide how much of the product you want to make. For a large batch of product, you will need to add more ingredients and ensure everything balances out perfectly. 


  • 2 cups of distilled water
  • 10 drops each of any three of your favorite essential oil
  • 3 tablespoon of pure vodka
  • 5 drops of glycerin 
  • large glass jar with lid 
  • measuring cup
  • bottle


  • You will need to pick three essential oils that you like. For my special recipe, I make use of orange, eucalyptus, and lemon essential oil. 
  • Measure 10 drops each of the essential oils into the glass jar. If you don’t like too much of a particular oil, you can reduce how much of it you add to the mix. The key is to experiment with the oil until you are satisfied. 
  • You will have to add in 2 cups of distilled water to the essential oils and stir continuously. 
  • Once you have added the water, the next thing is to include the 3 drops of vodka, and 5 drops of glycerin. 
  • Now that you have added all the ingredients in the glass jar, you will need to keep stirring the mixture and make any adjustments as necessary. 
  • After you are satisfied with the fragrance, you will need to close the jar tightly and keep in a cool, dry place, and allow it to settle for a day. 
  • You can now use your baster or dropper to collect the perfume in a bottle from the jar. 

Essential Oil Perfume and Safety 

Is essential oil perfume safe to use? 

Essential oil is obtained mostly from plants that occur naturally. So you can expect that they do not contain any toxins that can harm your health. However, it is in your best interest to avoid using essential oils directly on your skin. You also don’t want to ingest it for any reason. 

The best way to use essential oil as a perfume is by mixing it with glycerin and vodka. They give the oil potency and make the fragrance long-lasting. 

How to Make Perfume with Essential Oil and Vodka

You want to ensure that you store your essential oil properly. Keep it in a tightly sealed container or diffuser. 

We also advise that you limit how you use essential oil when you are pregnant due to safety reasons. You should also refrain from using chemical additives with essential oils; it reduces the potency of the mixture and leads to further complications. 

You should also be mindful of where you shop for essential oils. It is best to use a small portion from a quality source than use too much of a less potent mix. 

What is your favorite fragrance? And are you a fan of essential oil perfume, we will like to hear from you in the comment section.