How To Make Laundry Smell Good?

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Last Updated on June 13, 2022

Have you ever experienced washing your clothes and they come out smelling bad? Then you begin to wonder this: how to make laundry smell good?

We all know there’s a great feeling that comes with wearing clean-looking clothes with a fresh scent. Having your washed clothes and it ends up not smelling good can be a mood changer, but fret no more, bad laundry can be made better.

So, if you must have been in this situation of your washed cloth smelling not so inviting, then there are things you can do to make things better.

There must be already existing reasons as to why your laundry smells bad. These causes and solutions will be looked at in this article.

From figuring out that a machine can be dirty and then cleaning and making it ready to be used to knowing the right temperature of the water that is ideal can help.

Now, let’s go through the journey of knowing how to make laundry smell good.

Causes Of Bad Smelling Done Laundry

Before we delve into how to make your laundry smell good, let’s first look into the causes of your laundry smelling bad.

Oftentimes, you might have noticed your laundry that the laundry you’ve done laundry has an awful scent unlike how it used to be. Nobody likes having bad scented clothes after putting in all the work. There are reasons for this is. Let’s take a look at them.

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·         Having mold in your washing machine

The problem might be that you don’t clean your washing machine as frequently as you should. This in turn will make your washing machine smell bad. Washing your clothes in an unclean washing machine can prevent your detergent from making your laundry smell great.

This is because bacteria, dirt, and even mold can build up in your washing machine due to its unclean state. To you, your machine might look clean by just looking at it. But you should take a look at the hidden parts like the hidden areas around the door.

Dirt and molds might be there. If you’re using a front loader, there’s every possibility that you might be having this issue. Top-loading machines too are sometimes not left out.

·         Leaving your laundry wet

When your laundry is not well dried immediately but left wet for long, it will become smelly. This is because it makes it easy for bacteria and molds to grow on them.

·         Doing too much laundry at once

Fitting all your laundry in the washing machine all at once for washing is not the right thing to do. When you overload your machine with too much dirty laundry, they end up not being washed well thereby making them smell bad.

·         Not using the right amount of detergent

Endeavor to always use the right amount of detergent for your laundry not to smell bad. When the detergent is too little, your clothes will not be washed clean. And when you use too much detergent, your laundry won’t have that clean scent.

This is because when you use too much detergent, the fabric retains mold and dirt thereby causing the laundry to have an awful smell.

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How To Make Laundry Smell Good?: Helpful Tips

Ideally, without doing too much, after getting your laundry done, you should get an amazing result of fresh-smelling laundry.

Here are a few tips for making your laundry smell good that you can put into consideration.

1.    Your washing machine must be clean

The first step you should take is to clean your machine of any form of dirt and mold. Since it’s possible to use vinegar on your fabrics, then your machine can be cleaned with white vinegar thoroughly.

Load your machine with a solution of equal amounts of vinegar and water. Or you can opt for bleach by pouring enough bleach in the bleach compartment, then do a self-cleaning by turning on the settings. When you’re done, clean the gasket by using a soft cloth or sponge to clean off dirt and mold in the area.

Take note that you should only choose a method to use between the two. Don’t use bleach and vinegar mixed together in your machine.

2.    The washer door should be open

Keep your washing machine opened once you’re done cleaning it. Do the same thing also when you’re done with your laundry. This will help the inside of your washer to dry out well.

Mold cannot stay in a well-ventilated place with enough sunlight. It loves places that are damp and dark which will make it easy for it to grow.

3.    You can sometimes wash with hot water

Wash fabrics with body secretion, otherwise known as sebum or body soils, the same way you try to be out oil stains. Body soils or sebum are known as oily secretion from the skin. The best way for washing it off is by using hot water and detergent.

Besides, nowadays, up to 60 percent of most fabrics are synthetic made which can’t stand been washed with hot water, says an article in Washington Post.

The best way is to also sort by fabric type and specific instructions for washing, just the same way you sort by the color type. You can use this method of washing with hot water to wash underwear and undershirts.

4.    Use the right detergent and quantity

Do take note that older laundry detergents are not the best solution for washing fabrics that can only accept cold water washing. Hence, get a detergent that will be suitable and effective for washing such fabrics with body soil if you can’t wash with hot water.

Firstly, check the body of the detergent for instructions on the right amount you should use for your laundry.

5.    Do your laundry as early as possible

Don’t keep your laundry piled up before going ahead to do them, most especially for heavy clothes like gym wear. This creates a breeding ground for more dirt and bacteria.

This means you should try as much as possible to wash as soon as you have any laundry available, no matter how small. Wash regularly, don’t pile dirty laundry up. Do your laundry more frequently during summer or if you’re in a region with warm temperatures.

how to make your laundry smell good naturally

Final Say

It’s a good thing for your cloth to always smell nice and this is what anyone would want. So, from the above, we hope we’ve been able to answer your question about: how to make laundry smell good.


How to make your laundry smell good naturally?

To make your laundry smell good, strictly avoid anything that can predispose your laundry to smell unpleasant. Things such as not draining your laundry properly and leaving them wet for too long, doing too much laundry, not cleaning mold build-up properly in your machine, not using the right amount of detergent, and so on.

How to make laundry smell good with essential oil?

The use of certain essential oil can give your laundry that pleasing scent. So, to make use of essential oil to help your laundry smell good, simply add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to your washer. Or you can simply combine it with your unscented laundry detergent to get that natural smell.

How to make laundry smell good longer?

To boost the smell of your laundry and make the scent last longer, you should select the right type of detergent. You can also add a bit of fabric conditioner and always make sure your laundry is totally dried when you want to store it.

How to make laundry smell good using fabric softener?

To make your laundry smell good with fabric softener, simply add your fabric softener to your laundry. Doing this will help keep your cloth feeling soft and smelling awesome.

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