How Long Do Rice Heat Packs Last

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Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Homemade heating pads are the new craze when it comes to physical heat aromatherapy. And if you have needed relief from mild body pains and fatigue, you want to consider this form of heat treatment. While there are many options available to you, using rice packs remains the safest method for a beginner to try. So if you want to know how long do rice heat packs last? You surely want to grab a seat or give us a few minutes to fill you in on all the details. 

Why Do You Need Heat Packs?

With many alternatives available in the aromatherapy department, you may be hesitant to use heat to relieve body aches. But the truth is that the use of heat treatment remains one of the quickest ways to ease tension sites in the body. And whether it’s in the form of a hot towel massage or using packs filled with burning coal, the effect is closely related. 

Heat therapy remains an effective way to treat body conditions such as bruises, swellings, dislocation, joint pain, and general body fatigue. But to enjoy the best therapy, you want to get the temperature readings right. Too hot and you could scar your skin. Not enough, and you may not get the proper treatment. Before I answer the question on how long do heat packs last, let me quickly run through some of the ways they could help you better. 

Why Do You Need Heat Packs

Homemade Hot Packs

They could be helpful in the cold winter months when you need an alternative to your indoor heater. Not getting enough heat from your device, or want something hot to crawl close to your skin? A long-lasting heat pack could be your best alternative. And the good part is you don’t have to spend much to get one.

With a few cups of rice and the proper cloth, you could get yourself a homemade heating solution. Although, you want to make sure to get the preparation right as it is one of the secrets for those curious about how long do rice heat packs last. And you can find exactly how to in the next section. 

Pain And Arthritis Remedy 

Want fast relief from body and joint pain? A quick hot rub with a heated rice pad could wake up your muscles and joints before applying your essential oil treatment. While you want to consider checking in with a physio if you have challenges with movement, other homemade therapy could help relieve the symptoms of pain and inflammation. 

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Relieve Stress 

Are you tired from a hectic day sitting at the desk at home or the office? Or planning a long trip? You can find rice heating pads to help improve circulation. And thereby encouraging oxygen supply throughout the body, providing relief from stress. 

How To Prepare Homemade Rice Heating Pad

There are no fancy ingredients required, and this can be done in a matter of minutes. But you want to be careful as it is common to experience scalding if you get the preparation wrong. You’ll have to consider your choice of rice and the best cover to use as a pack. 

But for this article, I’ll advise you to use Jasmine rice, as it packs better in a small pad. So if you plan on using socks as I prescribed in the preparation below, you may want to opt for Jasmine rice. 


  • 1 to 3 cups of Jasmine rice (depending on the size of the socks)
  • Regular size socks (choose clean cotton socks)
  • Heating source (preferably microwave)
  • Sewing tools


  • To get started, you want to fill up the socks with just the right amount of rice. For the best results, you want the socks to be fully packed. So it is best to ensure it is adequately cushioned. 
  • Once done with filling up the socks, you will have to sew it shut at the open end. This ensures that it is correctly sealed, so you don’t get interrupted during the treatment. 
  • Next is to set the microwave for two minutes and place the socks in it to heat up. 
  • Afterward, you want to take it out carefully and confirm the temperature before placing it on the skin. 
  • The socks can be used for the shoulders, arms, back, legs, and other parts of the body where you may need therapy. 

How Long Does A Rice Heating Pad Stay Hot?

Generally, it depends on the packing option you choose and how long you microwave it for. But ideally, cotton socks cooked for two minutes should give you good relief for up to 45 minutes. Remember to check how hot it is first before placing it on the skin.

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