Does Colloidal Silver Kill Good Bacteria

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Last Updated on July 8, 2022

Does colloidal silver kill good bacteria? Colloidal silver is a suspension that contains a mix of silver ions and silver nanoparticles. The suspension of the mix is in an aqueous medium. They are most of the time product of electrolysis using silver cathodes.

Colloidal silver was first used for medical purposes in I981 by B.C. Crede, a surgeon to sterilize wounds.

Since this time, Colloidal silver has been popularly known for being effective. It is great for the control of different types of dangerous microscopic organisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

In recent times, manufacturers make several products not only in silver water solutions but in packaged devices suitable for use at home. However, the question “does Colloidal silver also kill Good bacteria?” may be disturbing you.  To get your answer, try to keep on reading

The Good Bacteria

You may be one of those who are surprised to see the word ‘good’ used with a bacterium. You must have believed that all bacteria are bad. This is not the case, there are some good bacteria.

They are regarded as good because unlike the bad types they are helpful to the body. They reside naturally in different places in the body performing different functions. For example, there are some in the gastrointestinal tract which is helpful in the digestion of foods.

The Good Bacteria

Also, others aid in keeping out harmful microorganisms. They do this by taking their place and making it difficult for them to survive in their locations.

More On The Benefits Of Good Bacteria

A good thing that should be understood is that apart from the cells and fluids that made up the human body, bacteria is another major component.

Therefore, having a good number of bacteria in the human body ensures good health. A reduction, however,  will give space for the bad ones to thrive.

These types of bacteria (good bacteria) form colonies in different parts of our body e.g. stomach, skin, etc. They ensure that these locations do not associate with the bad types.

Hence, ensuring their health, in turn, ensures the health of its host. These good bacteria also influence our cravings, the habits we develop, our mood, and a host of others.

Recent discoveries are also saying that it is not only bacteria that are good. There are viruses that form part of the colonies and contribute to the aids and supports of the good bacteria.

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Nevertheless, there are good microorganisms in the human body of which bacteria have a good percentage.

Therefore, the present question is, “does Colloidal silver kill good bacteria?” The answer is “no” if people use it to maintain the balance that will ensure their health.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

When looking for a supplement that supports your immune system, Colloidal silver is your best bet. It is the choice of many for daily support against dangerous invasive microorganisms.

Several people know it for its healing properties, which is why they use it for minor injuries, cuts, or burns. This wonderful entity also has as its support a long history of efficacious use. People far and wide know it for being able to fight against different kinds of microorganisms.

However, does this mean that it may also destroy some good pathogens? This may probably be true, but the answer lies in how you use it. There is no cause for alarm when you use it properly.

Are Good Bacteria Safe With Colloidal Silver?

Due to the effective destructive property of colloidal silver against different types of microorganisms, it may kill the good bacteria if there is any contact, however, the issue at hand is yet unsettled.

The answer is that when you use Colloid silver properly, the good bacteria are safe. This is because you can easily absorb and circulate quality Colloid silver with pure nanoparticles throughout the body before it gets to the good bacteria.

Are Good Bacteria Safe With Colloidal Silver

But, to ascertain if this is the case, the question that ‘does Colloidal silver kill good bacteria?’ will depend on the different experiences of those who used it in the past.

Most people made use of it are yet to report any case of damages to the good bacteria. Nonetheless, try to use the substance properly and monitor any reactions.

The Importance Of Monitoring

Different people use Colloidal Silver for different purposes, some use it as a supplement for their immune functions just like an antibiotic while other people used it for preventive purposes, to maintain the balance.

You need to understand that it has been proven that typical antibiotics do kill good bacteria. This gives space for bad bacteria to thrive and also causes an imbalance between the two categories.

Therefore, you should know that using Colloid Silver together with some of these may be responsible for negative outcomes. This makes it difficult to identify which is responsible for such.

Consequentially, this makes the monitoring of reactions that develop after use very important. It is good to know the truth to help others who might be expecting positive outcomes.

How Can You Promote The Growth Of Good Bacteria?

To ensure that there are good bacteria in our body system, it is a good step to replenish your good bacteria at all times.

You can do this easily by engaging in a health-promoting lifestyle like exercise, balanced diet especially those containing vegetables and fruits. You can also take as well as taking fermented drinks like yogurt, etc.

Conclusion – Does Colloidal Silver Kill Good Bacteria?

The use of Colloid silver does not in any way put the good bacteria in danger. However, it is good to cultivate good habits of supporting your immunity with probiotics and food supplements.

To ascertain the credibility of a wrong answer to “does colloidal silver kill good bacteria”, ensure that you test how effective Colloid silver is in supporting your immune system.

You can choose from different ways of ensuring good health. However, nothing beats a method that supports your system. It can also protect you against invading pathogens and balance your good bacteria body ratio.

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