Why Is My Salt Lamp Sweating?

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Last Updated on June 2, 2022

Why Is My Salt Lamp Sweating? If you know of Himalayan Salt lamps, you must have heard about their habitual moist surface. They create a natural sensation, a pinkish appearance, and a light that uplifts the mood.

These lamps are often common in modern homes, offices, stores, and many other places. They are made from Himalayan salt and absorb moisture from damp surroundings. And for the most part, they last longer with simple maintenance tips.

How Does It Work?

What was your impression when you first saw a lamp with a pretty wet surface almost all the time? Salt lamps became so popular with their health benefits and artistic view. Such lamps are created from natural Himalayan salt and extracted from places near the Himalayan region.

When you put a light bulb in the Himalayan salt holder, it shines with a moderate pink color. The natural sensation released is highly beneficial compared to other lights. They include natural salt crystal rocks and look like hatching eggs.

Why do people prefer this lamp over regular light? Does it have some health benefits?

The Himalayan Salt is hygroscopic in the sense that it absorbs moisture from its surroundings. So you’ve got yourself a lamp with a mini dehumidifier.

Although a damp and soggy environment leads to the malfunction of this lamp, the wetness is just normal. The salt crystals take in enough moisture from the surroundings slowly until it becomes drippy.

If your lamp suddenly becomes drippy, you may need to dry it off. No one said anything about drying it in the sun. Just a few practical measures and you’re good to go.

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Why Do Salt Lamps Leak?

Many people are confused why a light bulb would drip moisture from its body. The sweaty feeling didn’t just pop out of nowhere. It indicates the usual reaction of salt and pink salt isn’t left out.

When you put a light bulb in this lamp, it glows with a moderate pink ray, reflecting towards every corner in the house with ease. As time goes on, it begins to develop a sweaty surface. People only notice that it’s dripping, but there’s a reaction behind the reaction.

Where you sit, your lamp determines the level of fluid it draws to itself. If you place it in a highly moist area, your lamp becomes sweatier as if it just came out of the shower.

Himalayan Glow 1002 Crystal, 8-11 Lbs, Salt Lamp

In such cases, you should be practical and knowledgeable on what steps to take. No matter what the situation is, avoid leaving the lamp in the sun to dry or cleaning it with water.

Most salt lamps dry off on their own, provided they stay on for a modest amount of time. And when they do, they should be transferred to an isolated box immediately.

While most salt lamps develop wetness in almost every occasion, a few dangers are ahead if they become too wet.

Dangers Of A Leaking Salt Lamp

Most people inquire if salt lamps are safe to use in the home. If it’s true, why are there rumors about its dangers? Let’s lock it out straight and simple: salt lamps are extremely safe and healthy to use but dangerous on rare occasions.

Salt Lamps Are Prone to Corrosion

When placing a Himalayan salt lamp on a desk, ensure you have a mat underneath to absorb corroded fluids. These lamps corrode almost all the time, and a table mat prevents the fluid from corroding furniture.

Salt Lamps Are Prone to Corrosion

Electrical Vulnerability

When buying a lamp, check if it meets your demand using the following criteria. Some low-quality lamps with poor electrical appliances are out there with the nicest impression.

Harmful to Pets

Salt lamps tend to lead to salt poisoning. While salt does not affect cats, they can only take 16.7mg at max. Anything above this may lead to frequent vomiting, diarrhea, seizure, and even coma.

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Dangerous For Infants

It is always advisable to put your lamp in an inaccessible location, as it has unhealthy effects on infants. And you certainly can’t tell what kids are up to when you turn your back to handle a task.

There’s more to it. Although the benefits outshine the stuffy list of dangers, the world won’t stop if we look at them too. You can’t experience harm if you have a premium lamp and an appropriate user guide.

Three Possible Fixes For A Sweaty Salt Lamp

At this point, we know that one common remedy for a sweaty lamp—to leave it on. On top of that, you’re aware of the risks of a leaking lamp. Kudos for climbing up the upkeep ladder.

Three Possible Fixes For A Sweaty Salt Lamp

Anyone buying a salt lamp must also think of getting the most out of it. Here are a few adjustments for enjoying a smooth user experience:

Clean With A Simple Wipe

Clean the lamp with a simple rag. That alone is enough to do the trick. The good thing is all salt lamps fight off harmful germs.

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Scrape Off Salt Crystals

Salt Crystals often form up on the surface of a salt lamp, which makes it look unappealing. Chipping them away with a plastic object would do.

Don’t Wash It – Why Is My Salt Lamp Sweating

You might want to keep the lamp far from water. Although it handles small drops of water, a shower will melt away the salt, leaving you with an electrical hazard.

Store With An Airtight Plastic Bag

When not in use, remove the power cord and store the lamp in an isolated enclosure. You want to make sure it doesn’t absorb moisture from its surroundings.

Store With An Airtight Plastic Bag

Conclusion On Why Is My Salt Lamp Sweating

Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial for those who have respiratory problems. When turned on, they create a sensation while also drawing harmful moisture in a specific space.

To make the most out of your salt lamp, ensure you opt for a pro-choice, as most small lamps maintain a healthy atmosphere. With a dehumidifier next to it, you can lay in blossom peace.

Start enjoying the benefits of this lamp. Seek as much information as possible. The more knowledge you acquire, the easier it is to maintain one.

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