Body Butter Vs Lotion – Which Is Better To Use?

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Last Updated on May 28, 2022

Do you want to know the difference between body butter vs lotion? The skin is the largest organ of our body and it is our primary barrier against any infection that we may get. It is only proper that we give the utmost care in making sure that it’s healthy and strong.

Even though we may give proper care to our skin, due to different factors, our skin tends to get dry and irritated. Here are some factors why our skin gets dry and irritated:

  • Over-cleansing
  • Long hot showers
  • Over-exfoliating
  • Cold temperature
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Low humidity
  • Genetics

Nevertheless, with the abundance of moisturizing products available in the market and online sites, taking care of the skin is not a problem. The only problem that might arise is to decide which product is best to use.

Body Butter vs Lotion

It has been known that body butter and lotions are excellent products in reducing the dryness of our skin and sealing off the moisture inside. However, which one between the two is better to use?

Let’s try to differentiate the two. However, before we go to the battle between body butter vs lotion, here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself that may help you in deciding which one is the better product for you.

  1. How is the dryness of your skin? Is it mild, moderate, or severe?
  2. What part of the body do you wish to moisturize?
  3. Is your skin prone to acne?
  4. What is the season? Is it winter? Is it summer?


What is Body Butter?

Butters are essential fats and minerals that are commonly extracted from natural ingredients like shea, palm, cocoa, and avocado. These will then be combined with carrier oils and some specialized ingredients like Vitamin E oil, aloe, and honey to come up with a body butter product.

It normally doesn’t contain any water or hydrosols. The carrier oils are the ones responsible for delivering all the essential ingredients to the skin.

When to Use Body Butter?

Body butter products are best used during the winter season; when the level of humidity outside drops. Usually, when the air is cold and dry, the water in our skin evaporates more quickly than usual. Because of the lost moisture, our skin feels dry and it tends to look flaky. During this season, our skin requires intensive moisturizing and body butter is the best one to use.

They help in retaining the skin’s moisture and in lubricating and nourishing the skin. It is recommended to apply the body butter after a shower; while the skin is damped. This will ensure that the moisture is sealed into the skin; thus making the skin more supple for a longer time.

It is thicker in consistency and it gives you a heavier and more hydrating feeling than a lotion. This product is best for severely dry hands, elbows, knees, and legs. However, it is not advisable to apply it on acne-prone skin, especially the face, since it is too heavy for the skin and has a tendency to clog pores.

What is Lotion?

Lotions are manufactured similarly as body butter products except that it doesn’t infuse natural butter. Water or hydrosols and herbal infusions are combined with carrier oils, such as jojoba, argan, rosehip, and apricot, to make up the product.

When to Use Lotion?

Lotions are much thinner in consistency and lighter compared with body butter. Because it is infused with water and uses a lesser concentration of carrier oils, it is more quickly absorbed by the skin and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin. Because of this, it is best to use this during the summer season.

You may use lotion for lightweight moisturizing. It is ideal to use it on the face, legs, and arms and you may apply it throughout the day. And unlike body butter, lotions can be infused with added benefits like sun protection formula and some skin healing ingredients. Unfortunately, because of the occlusive nature of butter, it is tough and to add these benefits to body butter products.

Body butter vs Lotion - When to use lotion


To make it clearer, here’s a bulleted comparison of body butter vs lotion:

A. Body Butter

  • It is used for deep and intensive moisturizing
  • Best for severely dry skin
  • Thick and greasier formula
  • Can be applied on all parts of the body; except for the face

B. Body Lotion

  • It is used for lightweight moisturizing
  • Best for mild or moderate dry skin
  • Light and thin formula
  • Can be applied to all parts of the body

So, Who Won between the Battle Body Butter vs Lotion?

The answer to that question boils down to our personal preferences and skin conditions. When the weather feels fine and your skin just needs a light moisturizing, you may reach for a body lotion. Lotions are light and can be easily spread on the surface of the skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin as well so there’s no greasy feeling felt.

Who won - Body Butter vs Lotion

On the other hand, if your skin feels extremely dry and it needs a deeper and more intensive moisturizing, you may grab a body butter. Since it is thicker than lotion, it tends to stay on the surface of the skin longer and it helps in sealing the moisture in the skin.

It is an unwritten rule that lotions work best on oily parts of the skin whereas body butter works best on extremely dry areas of the skin.

The Bottom Line

With the information noted above, we all can say that when it comes to body butter and lotion, neither is better than the other. They both give the same satisfying results.

It all boils down on what our skin needs and our personal preferences. Moreover, aside from using these products, it is also advisable to avoid those factors that will affect the health of our skin.

If you have comments or feedback, please feel free to share your thoughts below. And if you any particular brand of product in mind such as ones that you have tested and proven to give favorable results, please feel free to divulge. We might be able to find a gem with your suggestions.

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