Banana Tea Benefits For Health And Beauty

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Last Updated on June 15, 2022

While you have had your fill of green, black, ginger, or lemon tea, how about banana tea? Sounds too good to be true, but you should know there are ways banana tea benefits the body. It is simple to prepare in your kitchen. And there is no need for any special ingredient aside from a healthy banana that you mash gently into boiling water for a few minutes and drink.

Wonder how banana tea benefits the body? You can find all about that in the section below.

Banana Tea Benefits for the Body

Having a rich vegan tea like a cup of banana or hibiscus tea daily, especially before bed, can help the body in numerous ways. You can find five of them below.

1. Helps with Weight Loss

News making the rounds is that a hot cup of banana tea before bed can shed a few pounds. While you will also have to adopt other weight loss methods to guarantee speedy results, you can expect the antioxidants to also be useful in staying in shape.

2. Helps with Better Sleep

You can also expect to notice a better-improved sleep with a cup of banana tea at night. This is made possible due to the antioxidants present in the fruit. The tryptophan present is known to have sleep-inducing properties making you sleep through the night without any breaks. It also contains other relaxing minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which ease tension in the muscles.

3. Promotes Heart Health

The presence of antioxidants and rich minerals magnesium and potassium also helps encourage a healthy heart. Catechin, which has been known to lower the risk of heart disease, is one of the many antioxidants present in a ripe banana. So if you are keen on maintaining a healthy heart without risks of diseases, a cup of banana tea daily could make a difference.

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4. Boost Immunity

You can also benefit from the banana fruit’s immune-boosting properties when you sip it in a tea. The presence of vitamin B6 aids in regulating the red blood cells, which assist cell development and improve immune response in the body. Gallocatechin and dopamine are some of the antioxidants present believed to keep the body safe from harmful diseases.

5. Banana Tea Benefits Improves Mood

There is also an improved mood associated with every cup of banana tea. And just as you feel better with a cup of coffee, this one stings too, only without the added effect of caffeine as with coffee drinks. Serotonin and melatonin help with feeling good, while dopamine helps with feeling great. And they are all present in the rich, succulent fruit.

6. Prevents Bloating

If you feel bloated at any time of the day, a hot cup of banana tea could help with keeping the bloats at bay. Thanks to the presence of potassium and other minerals and electrolytes. You instantly get relief from all that tightness in your abdomen.

Banana Tea Benefits - Prevents Bloating

Final Note

Getting yourself a fresh banana fruit and mashing it into a cup of boiling water is all you need to have yourself a healthy cup of banana tea.

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