Where To Buy Spirulina & How To Identify Original Spirulina 

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Last Updated on June 20, 2022

Getting access to fresh spirulina can be the secret to enjoying the plant’s benefits, which has been taunted to be so much of a miracle worker. It is often used as a dietary supplement by many to balance out the deficiency in nutrients. And this can only be due to its high nutritional value. If you, however, are looking for where to buy spirulina, you are not alone. Since I first learned about the plant a few years ago, one problem has been getting access to fresh supplies. And it wasn’t until a few months back before I wrapped my head around how to grow spirulina. 

Although that would have been the preferable option if you are looking to get regular access to the plant, you could also shop for it if you get a reliable place to buy. 

Shopping for Spirulina (Your Options)

While there is a good chance that you aren’t in the market to buy crap, you could find yourself with nothing but dry grass if you don’t know how to spot the real deal. So this is your first challenge. Identifying the original spirulina. 

Shopping for Spirulina

How to Identify Original Spirulina 

This is where it gets tricky for many people. For a plant that exists as blue-green algae, you can expect confusion when telling it out from others. So you want to take time to identify other salient features asides from its appearance. Some of the things you want to look out for when shopping for spirulina:

  • You want to be careful about the misleading information on labels promoting spirulina as an organic product. The truth is that the algae thrive in an inorganic set up and you can find growers who add in chemicals in their grow bed and others who make use of manures. So you would have to be getting your supply from a grower who uses manure to conclude its organic. 
  • It is traditional for spirulina to contain high amounts of protein, so you should check the labels and go for those with a 60 to 70% protein content. 
  • Note the country of production. It is no secret that the best spirulina comes out from India, but you can also get quality options from the US, Japan, the Philippines, and Hawaii. 
  • You will also want to consider the drying method used in the processing. Most companies make use of a spray dryer, and others rely on sun drying. You can also find local farms that freeze their spirulina, so you have to decide which one to consider. 

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Where to Buy Spirulina?

You have several options for sourcing quality spirulina, and it is left to you to ensure it meets all your definition of quality. While it is possible to find it on sale in any of the supermarkets, it is always best to first try any of the options below before checking the store. 

MAJU’s California Grown Spirulina Powder (2 Pound): Non-Irradiated

  • Use the Internet 

Online still is the best way to save time and stress of finding quality products to buy. You can use reviews to learn about the best options in the market, and for spirulina, you can learn about all there is to know if you search through online reviews. 

  • Try Organic Farms to Find Spirulina for Sale

It is always best to source your ingredients such as herbs, flowers, and any other plant type. And for the spirulina algae, you can expect to find quality in farms that practice organic farming methods. You can find options online that are processed from organic farms, and they are usually my go-to when in the market for fresh supplies. 

Finding farmers locally may be the best way, so you can always deal with them whenever they have fresh supplies on sale. If you are wondering where to find such, you can try the farmers market for a start. You can equally get contacts with some of the best growers around, so you want to check it out. 

  • Try Vegan Stores 

There is also a high chance you will find vegan supply stores that sell some of the purest spirulina, and it is only a matter of checking them out to see what’s on offer. And you can find a good number of them on social media, so you may want to check out your Instagram and Facebook to get the latest. 

Try Vegan Stores 

Final Note 

Getting the benefits of spirulina is only possible if you shop the real thing, and you want to start by buying from the right source. And you can find the guide above to help you with sourcing the right one.

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