What Essential Oils are good for Earaches and How to Use Them

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There are natural remedies to treat ear infections and soothe pains around the ear. In this article, we will be sharing with you some of the best essential oils that are safe to use on your ear.

What is an Ear Infection?

Most infections to the ear are caused by virus or bacteria. Acute otitis media is an infection that occurs in the middle part of the ear. This is the space between the outer part...

Common Symptoms of Ear Infection

The most common symptom is fluid in the ear

Essential Oil for Earaches and How to Use Them 

Tea Tree Oil It contains terpinen-4-ol which is an antibacterial substance that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Best Way to Use Essential Oils for Earaches

If you are wondering how best to use essential oil in treating an earache, you can try out this simple method...

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When applying essential oils in your ear, it is important that you observe the following safety precautions: - Use carrier oils to dilute your essential oil -Use a teaspoon of carrier oil for 2 drops of essential oil -When heating up your essential oil, it is advisable not to allow it to get too hot

Safety Precautions to Follow