Best Ways to Store Coconut Oil To Make It Last Longer

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There are numerous applications of coconut oil in both beauty products and in the kitchen. The natural oil is enjoying much popularity at the moment as a major ingredient in most skin and hair care product while it is also useful as a cooking oil. 

Choosing a Storage Space

Once you have opened the bottle or jar for the first time, you might need to transfer the content if you wish to preserve it for use at a later date.

The Best Temperature for Coconut Oil 

The best temperature to keep your coconut oil is at constant warmth. Frequent cooling and heating can quickly cause the oil to spoil.

The Shelf life of Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil can stay the same for up to 24 months (2 years) provided that it is properly preserved to prevent molds and other harmful agents from getting into the jar. 

Prolonging the Shelf life of Coconut Oil

You can extend the shelf life of coconut oil to ensure that it stays up to the 2 years period of its shelf life without altering the quality and taste,

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Keep it in a tightly covered, dark glass or plastic container. If you do not have a dark container, you should ensure that you keep it in a dark corner of the pantry or in the refrigerator away from direct contact with sunlight so as to improve the shelf life for up to 2 years.

Best ways to Store Coconut Oil To Make It Last Longer