Can You Use Onion Poultice On Feet? 

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Last Updated on June 21, 2022

It’s an age-old belief that wearing sliced onions in a sock over the feet and leaving them overnight could help treat flu and infection. But could an onion poultice work on the feet? There is no much medical research to suggest that it performs wonders, but there are signs that it could be helpful when done correctly. 

Why Use Onion?

It is no secret that onion holds a lot of medicinal properties to the body. Aside from being a useful addition for spicing meals, it could also work as a therapeutic remedy to regulate many body functions. 

The practice of using onion for therapy dates back to the 1500s. It was thought to help with protection from the bubonic plague. Back then, it was believed that diseases spread through the air, and leaving onion slices around your home could keep them off. While they weren’t far from the truth, a few decades later, it is the same practice. Only this time, it is used as a poultice over the feet. 

In ancient Chinese myth, onion was also used on the feet to help relieve tension in the nerves. And it is familiar with Eastern medicine to use access points into the body to treat organ-related ailments. This has made researchers wonder if using the vegetable in a poultice on the feet can actually provide any relief. 

What Are the Benefits of Onion Poultice on Feet?

While there hasn’t been any study conducted on how onions help in the feet or any other part of the body, it does hold some promises in holistic medicine. 

Onion is rich in high amounts of sulphuric compounds, which could be of benefits to the body. But that’s the extent it goes when it comes to available research on the usefulness of the vegetable. Some ways you can benefit from the use of onions, whether on the foot or any other part of the body or in your diet, includes. 

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For Skin and Hair Health 

Rich in vitamin C, you’ll find an onion to be useful for beauty care. It does this by supporting the production of collagen, which helps with hair and skin health. It also helps with detoxing the body, which will result in healthier and younger-looking skin

Helps with Depression 

Onions are rich in folate, which has been linked with having mental boosting properties. And it is thought that it could help with relieving symptoms of depression. Still, more research is needed to determine how much it could help with mental health. 

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Could Help with Cancer Treatment

2015 study showed how onions and other allium vegetables could help prevent and manage cancer. But there hasn’t been more research to examine further what extent it could help with cancer treatment. 

Using an Onion Poultice on Feet

Whether you wear it in a sock or dip your feet into a bowl of onion juice, it is the same therapy. You want to get fast relief from cold and flu and gain from the vegetable’s antibacterial properties. And when it comes to using it the right way, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. 

There are No Claims to Its Benefits 

Before rushing in to grind an onion bulb to fill up an old sock, you should know that there isn’t any scientific claim that the vegetable can help you when you work over the feet. It is, however, potent when included as part of your diet. But still, there is no harm in trying if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep while also enjoying the antimicrobial benefits. 

How to Make an Onion Poultice? 

Whether it is to use on the feet, ear, lips, or other parts of the body, you want first to process your freshly pickled onions. And you can find below the steps involved in getting your onion poultice ready. 

How to Make an Onion Poultice


You will have to begin by slicing the fresh onion into thin slices. After that, add them into a pot of boiling water to steam up for a few minutes. Once satisfied with the texture, pour the pieces onto a dry towel and pat down to remove excess water. 

The next step would be to wrap it in a clean towel to use for skin treatment. Or you put them in your old clean socks if you want to wear them over the feet. 

Final Note 

You can indeed benefit from the addition of onion to your diet, but you should know that it does not hold much potency when worn over the feet. Still, you may want to try it if you are short on a good night’s sleep. 

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