Is Aluminum Jewelry Safe? And How To Maintain It

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Last Updated on June 11, 2022

Thinking of getting a new ornament and wonder if aluminum jewelry is a safe option? The truth is, many of the fine jewelry pieces have aluminum or any of the other metals in them, and this begs the question, does it have any negative impact on the health?

You are right to worry about how aluminum jewelry could affect you. And while some metals are toxic and corrosive, aluminum is a lot milder compared to others. There are a lot of reasons people pick out aluminum jewelry, or why you’ll find a lot of options containing the metal, and you can trust that it is because it is safe. 

Picking Safe Aluminum Jewelry

When in the market for an aluminum type ornament, you want to be extra vigilant to scrutinize it. But if you will be shopping online, it may pose a problem to get the chance to inspect it. Still, there are ways to navigate through this. 

You should start by shopping at a reputable jeweler. This way, you can avoid all the phony and crappy products out there containing toxic metals. Many of the top antique and jewelry dealers know better than to deal in substandard goods. And if you get on their website, you want to go further to analyze the piece before picking it. 

Picking Safe Aluminum Jewelry

Take time to go through reviews from others who have patronized them. This way, you get to learn first hand about their shopping experience and make a better decision when buying. 

Is Aluminum Jewelry Safe? 

Yes, it is. And you’d find many good reasons why it is. For one, you get a lightweight ornament that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. It is also easy to clean and can even be worked on in case it corrodes. But if you are bothered about health safety, you have nothing to worry about. 

Wearing necklaces and earrings from the metal has not been linked to any of the life-threatening ailments. But where most jewelers tend to worry is how the buyer tends to use it. Exposing aluminum to certain chemicals can lead to toxicity. Order then that, there is nothing to worry about since it is hypo-allergenic. This means it doesn’t affect the body in negative ways, and this includes the skin. 

How to Maintain Aluminum Jewelry?

You can make use of a damp cloth to wipe out stains from the surface of your aluminum chains and watches. The metal does not contain nickel, which is responsible for corrosion in most metals. When exposed to the air, it reacts with oxygen to form an aluminum oxide, which protects against corrosion. 

You also want to be careful with your handling. This includes not scratching the surface with sharp objects or rubbing it against other toxic metals. It will also help if you are not allergic to aluminum. While it is common to find people who are allergic to silver, a small number can also react similarly to aluminum. If this is you, it may be best to consider other material options. 

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How to Prevent Aluminum Jewelry from Turning Black?

It is common to notice black or grey colorations on your jewelry. And this is a side effect of the aluminum oxide deposition when exposed to oxygen. The use of harsh chemical substances could also cause them to discolor. If you rub it against hard surfaces or other jewelry, you will even notice a color change. 

You can start by having a separate box for your aluminum jewelry. This way, it does not come in contact with others that can affect it. And you want to occasionally do the cleaning to keep it in the best condition. You can work with a cleaning schedule, so you don’t have to wait till it’s dirty. 

Removing Black Stains

It can be tough to get out those black stains, especially those in aluminum watches if you sweat a lot at the wrist. But there is nothing white vinegar and water wouldn’t get out from your jewelry. You can also try a lemon juice wipe to add in some natural sheen. 

For a deep cleanse, you boil the vinegar and water for a few minutes and dip the ornaments in it to get into the tiny spaces. Baking soda solution could also prove useful in getting into the crevices to get out tough stains. You may need to use a soft brush to help out. 

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Final Note

Is aluminum jewelry safe? Now you know it is—the importance of handling and how to care for those black colorations. 

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