Essential Oils For Clogged Milk Duct

Last Updated on June 21, 2022

There are many ways to take care of a clogged milk duct, and one of them is the use of essential oils. And as you imagined, not essential oils are ideal for a clogged milk duct. So it helps if you know the ones that are bound to be effective. But before I get into the list of essential oils for clogged milk ducts, let’s first discuss what blocks them in the first place.

Causes of a Clogged Milk Duct or Mastitis

Breastfeeding from afar may seem like a seamless, natural process, but only the mother truly knows there is a technique to it. But you obviously would have to deal with a blockage in the duct-like pipes that transport the milk through the mammary gland. And this is common with any transport system for liquids (in this case, breast milk).

So what exactly are some of the reasons why you may suffer from a clogged milk duct, also known as mastitis? Below are some of the reasons why.

Not Breastfeeding

A clogged milk duct is common with women who avoid breastfeeding and start with formula almost as soon as the baby arrives. The breastfeeding process is not just a natural one meant to provide nourishment for newborns; it also helps mum get back in shape. So whether you choose to use natural baby food for your newborn or use formula, you want to find a way to deal with all the hot formula flowing in your chest.

One of the simplest ways to relieve a clogged milk duct if you won’t be breastfeeding your baby is to use a breast pump to get out the milk. This will help to keep the ducts flowing normally as it should when you feed your breast milk.

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Improper Feeding

It is possible that your baby isn’t sucking out the milk right, which can affect the amount they consume. This will ultimately lead to more milk in the breast, which you need to get out. Again, using a breast pump may be ideal, but there are essential oils that you can use for a clogged milk duct.

Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes

You can also be at the risk of a clogged milk duct if you wear tight-fitting clothes around the breast region. Tight bras are a quick way to cause discomfort around the nipples, affecting feeding time for you and your baby. You can find essential oils useful for inflammation and helping to reduce swellings around the nipple.

Essential Oils for Clogged Milk Duct

When dealing with a clogged milk duct, you’d likely be in an uncomfortable situation. And when choosing the right holistic treatment, you want to consider one that is safe for you. And there are many ways you can benefits from essential oils after childbirth. One of them is to help deal with a clogged milk duct. Below are some of the best options you can try if faced with the situation.

Lavender Essential Oil

You can try the soft touch of lavender to help deal with the swelling. This will help dry out the lump and relieving the pains that come with the lump. You can add a few drops of the essential oil to coconut oil and then apply directly to the breast.

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Geranium Essential Oil

Just like lavender, you’d also find geranium essential oil to be a safe and effective treatment for clogged milk ducts. It also helps with milk production stimulation, which is all-important when it’s time for feeding if you are a breastfeeding mum. You will also find it helpful to ease the pain you may be dealing with at the moment. You can add in geranium and jojoba oil to make a safe remedy you can use for when your boobs get heavy and painful.

Tea Tree Oil

You may also consider tea tree essential oil to help with dealing with a clogged milk duct. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties have been known to help with easing pain and discomfort. You should know that it can get toxic when ingested, so you want to use it long before feeding time.

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Final Note

There are other things you can try to cope better with the pain of breastfeeding. Taking a hot shower or merely massaging it with peppermint oil could also make things easier. Remember to employ the use of a breast pump if you wouldn’t be breastfeeding for long. You would need a way to get out the milk naturally, and it helps if you stick to a schedule, so you keep things natural.