Best Non-Toxic Ant Killer Solutions For Indoors

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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

Not only are ants unwanted in your Summer picnics, but you also don’t want them wandering around your kitchen counters or anywhere in your house. Once ants find a food source, they can communicate with the rest of their army quickly and efficiently. Meaning, hundreds of ants can surround your food in less than a second.

The problem is that while trying to get off the ants, you do not want to add chemicals to the environment or expose yourself or your family to anything dangerous inside your own home. 

But the good news today is that you do have options, as we will be looking at the best non-toxic ant killer solution for indoors. 

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer Solutions for Indoors


Ultimately, the best way to keep ants away from your home and kitchen is by not letting them get inside in the first place. And this can be achieved by keeping the counters wiped and cleaned because a reduction in redundant food particles invariably will decrease the likelihood of ants being attracted to your kitchen.

However, if you already have these annoying insects roaming around your kitchen, you still have the chance of driving them away. All that will be required will be for you to do a little observe, and see if you can find their entry point. As such, look out for cracks in door frames, windowsills and check vents. 


Disclaimer: In as much as these treatments work on ants and are non-toxic to humans, please be aware that you will need to do some research about pets and children when considering these options.

#1 Spices

Cinnamon seems to be the most effective non-toxic ant killer because it can be used to repel ants, and also to kill them if applied correctly. Given that the oilish version seems to be more effective than the ground powder, when using it, ensure that the oil is in high concentration and placed strategically at different points of entry.

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer solutions for Indoors

#2 Peppermint

Coming in form of essential oil or contained in liquid soap, drop the peppermint at each entry point. Another tip is to actually buy the mint plant and place it around your house as part of your landscaping!

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer solutions for Indoors

#3 Vinegar

You will need to mix a recipe of vinegar and water together, under an equal measurement. You can put this in a spray bottle and spray it on the trails of the ants. This can be effective at confusing ants because they won’t be able to get the scent from their trail anymore, while the vinegar still scents. But when the scent goes off, they will be able to trace their way back. Thus, this could require frequent applications.

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer solutions for Indoors

#4 Lemon juice

This acidic liquid can be rubbed directly from the lemon itself onto the windowsills and other cracks where the ants come in, and just like vinegar, it detracts the ants from the scent trail they are using. In general, it should be considered a temporary measure just like vinegar. 

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer solutions for Indoors

#5 Dishwashing soap

Using the soap, in a concoction of 50% soap to 50% water, place it directly at the entry point so it can kill any ant that comes across it. 

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer solutions for Indoors

#6 Pepper

Whether you prefer black pepper or cayenne pepper, there is a belief that pepper itself is a deterrent to ants. Thus, you can sprinkle it in its ground form or in a spray bottle with some water. No exact proportions are needed here! And then, place them at every entry point, if need be, reapply as often as possible. 

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer solutions for Indoors

#7 Fossilized Remains of Marine Phytoplankton

What? Otherwise known as food grade Diatomaceous Earth. The edges of these fossils are so sharp that they can kill the ant by destroying its exoskeleton. So is sci-fi sounding right? To ascertain their potency, get these fossils in powder form and sprinkle them at the usual places the ants often come out from daily.

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer solutions for Indoors

#8 DIY recipe courtesy of The Soccer Mom Blog

Put together 2 cups of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of dish liquid in a bowl and fill them up in a spray bottle with the mixture adding water as necessary. You can spray this homemade ant killer outside on plants and near the house. You can even spray the inner part over their trails and entry points.

Best Non Toxic Ant Killer solutions for Indoors

#9 Store-bought choices 

So there are some companies that make natural options available to you at shopping malls. Thus, you can pick these up at a local home improvement store or online. Here are some to start you off:


In getting rid of ants, getting back to natural remedies will make you feel better about keeping your food and family safe while also not adding further hazards to the environment. Fighting nature with nature just seems the right way to go!

Once you take back your kingdom, remember to take some measures into keeping your unwanted nature neighbors from invading again. This means you’ll have to be walking around the frontage of your home, to check on bushes and branches that may be leaning on the house. 

Fill in noticeable cracks in the foundation and walls, tidy up the kitchen after meal preparation without leaving any crumbs behind. Lastly, try using good storage containers to store dry foods which you may sometimes forget on the kitchen counter or in the pantry. Good luck!

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