What Foods Are Suitable To Eat With Hummus

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Last Updated on June 19, 2022

Hummus is a Middle East Asian, pure vegan dish that is made with chickpeas and enhanced with sesame, garlic, olive oil, salt, and lemon juice. In simple terms, hummus is a healthy dip, and like all dips, they are best utilized with another dish spread on the surface, find out what to eat with hummus.

When eating healthy, you will be looking for options so that your taste buds will easily get used to it. And as you will be researching more on valuing taste while still maintaining the healthiness a priority, you will be encountering the term ‘hummus’.

Background About Humus

How Hummus Is Made

In order to find out what to eat with hummus, let us understand first how it is made. Hummus is simple to prepare, with just the right measurements of the ingredients all blended into a thick liquid.

There are also readily-made products available on grocery stores, but it seems natural just to make your own. Here is a YouTube video on how hummus can be home-made:

Benefits Of Hummus

Hummus is no doubt a healthy dish, and one thing is of importance: it is very tasty due to the rich and oozing umami flavors. The benefits it can bring are nutrients such as Vitamin B, Phosphorus, Iron, and Fiber.

They are all aiding the health of internal organs and also stimulate weight loss. If you have less time in making hummus at home, check this product available on Amazon: Brami Hummus.

What To Eat With Hummus

One can also use hummus the like the way mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and cheese are being used. It works very well, but if you are on a healthy diet, assuming you are avoiding fried foods, then here are some food groups that fit it well.

Carbohydrate Food Groups

These include bread, pasta, potatoes, and even tortilla chips. Hummus can be used as spread and paste. Expect it to be great substitutes for your usual processed sandwich spread. For pasta, hummus can be great as the sauce since it is already creamy and thick.

Carbohydrate Food Groups - Hummus Food


The best way to incorporate hummus into vegetables is by making a salad. Normally, a vegetable salad seems unappealing to a recently–turned health-conscious person. But with hummus, rich flavors are added without any additional risk.

Fruits And Nuts

Most fruits are juicy in nature, but when more is taken, it also can trigger stomachs sensitive to acid. If you want to take it to another level of taste, you can try dipping it with hummus.

You’ll be getting both sweet and umami, and even if you continue eating, the hummus can balance out the acidic effects. In the case of nuts, it is also fun to mix their crunchiness with the glorified healthy dip. It may be unnecessary, but it can elevate the taste of the nuts even better.

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The eggs here should be hard-boiled. Instead of salt, mayo, or ketchup, the hummus can be the perfect partner for your hard-boiled eggs. Not only it adds healthiness to the cholesterol-filled egg yolk, but it also adds flavor to the boring egg white.

Eggs - hummus food


Hummus is a dish that doesn’t bring much negative if eaten carelessly. It packs many nutrients and can work perfectly well as a dip on most food groups, whether they are snacks or the main dish. It is also a great balance to fried foods that are habitually eaten with other known dips.

Whether store-bought or homemade, if you want to switch on a healthy way of eating, make sure you add hummus to your diet. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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