The Magic of Baking Soda and Lime Juice for Teeth

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Having healthy teeth should be a priority for everybody. Our teeth are what helps us chew. Aside from that, healthy teeth can also significantly improve one’s self-confidence as it affects the quality of our smiles.

Beneficial Properties of Baking Soda for Teeth

The other term for baking soda is Sodium Bicarbonate. It is a salt mixture of sodium and a bicarbonate anion. 

Beneficial Properties of Lime Juice for Teeth

Lime is a citrus fruit. Typically, it has a green outer layer and a juicy yellow-green flesh on the inside. Due to its acidic properties, it helps well in eliminating plaque and bacterias in the teeth. 

Combing Baking Soda and Lime Juice for Teeth

Now that we have discussed Baking Soda and Lime Juice separately, let us not talk about them together and how they affect the teeth. 

How to Use Baking Soda and Lime Juice for Teeth

Heres the steps on how to make a Baking soda and lime dentifrice: 1. Prepare a non-metallic mixing bowl, a clean toothbrush, and spoon together with your squeezed lime juice and baking soda...

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Individually, baking soda and lime juice have their own unique benefits. However, when combined together, they become a better cost-efficient agent that helps maintain the health of the teeth. Although like other things, moderation should be imposed.

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