The Best Non Toxic Nail Polish For Toddlers

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Last Updated on June 21, 2022

Keeping toddlers safe is the priority of every mum and dad, and while you surely want to ensure they stay healthy, you also want to make them look as attractive as possible, even at a tender age. But while you surely would like to use cosmetic products as part of their beauty routine, you want to choose safe alternatives. And when it comes to the best non-toxic nail polish for toddlers, you can be sure to find a few that would work for your infant.

So what are the best options, and how can you choose the right ones for your kid? We will discuss this further in the sections below. 

What Is A Nail Polish?

If you have ever looked at the nails on the fingers and toes of most females, you likely will find that it’s been painted to a specific color. And while there are different tones available, most have to settle for one that matches their makeup.

Nail polishes are available in different colors and textures and can make it easy for you to improve the appearance of your kids. But you surely want to know which ones are safe for toddlers to use when shopping for cosmetic products. 

In the case of nail polish, you will be staring at many options when shopping at the store or online, which makes it challenging to make a choice. For mums, who rely on cosmetics, you should know that adult options will likely not be ideal for kids, which is why you want to be critical in your search for one. So instead, go for reputable brands that are expressly conditioned to suit toddlers’ skin and won’t leave them in any discomfort after use. 

Is It Safe To Use Cosmetics For Kids?

Many parents would have asked this one question while bringing up a child, and for female mums and pups, there would be a course to use them.

Daughters require more attention when it comes to skincare and beauty compared to sons. They will need to have their hair made, skin prepped, and nails managed as part of their beauty routine. And parents who are critical about the health and wellness of their kids would need to be serious about handling such routines.

When it comes to the safety of cosmetics for kids, there is a lot to factor in. This includes the type of products to use, how to use them, and what to do when things go south. For mums who are already skilled with the use of makeup, getting their kids to look good won’t be an issue.

Is It Safe To Use Cosmetics For Kids

However, the same can’t be said if you are not big on female cosmetics and may need to learn how to use it right on toddlers. They will have to start by understanding the basics of using makeup the right way. 

Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish For Kids

With many makeup kits available for kids, you want to be sure to get the best options in the market when searching for kiddie’s nail polish. Some of the ideal brands of nail polish that are non-toxic and safe for toddlers include 

Airdom Nail Polish Set For Kids

You get a set of eight water-based nail polish that will be ideal for mum and kids looking for a safe cosmetic option for nail care. It doesn’t include any heavy metal or chemicals, making it fit for kids three years and older.

The ingredients used are odorless, quick-drying, and can be peeled off easily. So you don’t have to worry about them getting on your skin, clothes, or furniture.

With an easy-to-apply product, you could quickly get your young ones to begin an early course in makeup. The glitters on them will make sure that your kid is excited when it’s time for grooming. And for a box that comes with eight options, you indeed won’t run of ideas to make her up as she pleases or you deem fit. 


  • Water-based ingredients 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Odorless
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy to peel
  • Multi-colored


  • Not long-lasting 
non toxic nail polish for toddlers - Airdom

Make It Real Glitter Nail Spa

With the glitter nail spa from Make It Real, you give your kid a realistic nail treatment just like mums. The DIY manicure and pedicure care kit is easy for parents and kids to learn how best to care for their infant’s nails. What’s more? It comes with all you need to get started with manicures and pedicures for kids. It includes in the set a nail polish, stickers, dryer, a file, and more.

Suitable for ages eight and above, the ingredients dry quickly and peels off easily. You also get to enjoy the easy application and don’t stain the skin or other surfaces. You will also benefit from a quality product made with mums and their daughters in mind, so you don’t have to worry about any complications after the treatment. 


  • Dries quickly 
  • Easy application 
  • Toddler friendly 
  • Easy to remove
  • No stain residues


  • Gets out quickly

Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish 

Another quality non-toxic nail polish suitable for toddlers is this one from Piggy Paint. The set comes with four different color and texture options to choose from. The colors are enticing and would surely get kids interested in makeup.

With an easy absorbent formula, you get a solution that dries quickly and is stain-free. Meaning you don’t have to worry about getting the polish on your skin or surfaces around the home. And if it happens that the kids drop them around the house, you could easily clean them out with one wipe.

To get a hard dry on the application, you could include the base or topcoats provided by Piggy Paint to lock in the polish, so it doesn’t peel off quickly. 


  • Stain-free solution 
  • Easy application 
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Organic ingredients
  • Odorless


  • Washes quickly with water
non toxic nail polish for toddlers - Piggy Paint

Miss Nella’s Sweet Little Pack 

With this option from Miss Nella, you can be sure that your toddler will get a safe and exciting nail treatment. Available in a pack of three non-toxic paints, you get the option to choose one that will suit your toddler’s mood and needs.

With each application, you get a colorful finish that is easy to peel. And with odor-free material composition, you don’t have to worry about any complications when your kid plays with the product unsupervised.

With easy-to-clean preparation, you can be sure any stains would be easy to get out. In addition, different shades allow you to choose and mix bright colors that would get your girls started on the right path of manicure and pedicure. 


  • Easy to use
  • Wipes off quickly 
  • Odorless
  • Organic ingredients 
  • No stain residues


  • Non-durable 

Suncoat Non-toxic Children Nail Polish

Created by a Canadian chemist and mother to two lovely girls, this non-toxic nail polish was made for mom and daughter who are critical about their manicure and pedicure. With a non-toxic formula that is odorless, easy to apply, and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residues after use, you can be sure to enjoy every time spent with your toddler’s nails.

It could also be a suitable product to get the girls started on grooming their nails right. Available in six glitter options, you can choose a single color or get creative with your toddler and come up with a new color mixing some of the options in the box. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Non-toxic 
  • Removes quickly 
  • Non-sticky
  • No foul smell


  • Peels out with water
non toxic nail polish for toddlers - Suncoat Girl

Buyer’s Guide 

Now that you have been presented with a few options for non-toxic nail polish for kids, you want to know precisely how to shop for one when in the market for manicure and pedicure for toddlers. And when it comes to nail polish, below are some of the things you want to be looking at. 


This is the first place you want to cast your gaze on. But, first, check to confirm that the product is entirely non-toxic and doesn’t include any chemicals that are not suitable for moms and kids.

Chemical solvent-free solutions mean that you won’t have to worry about your kids inhaling or, worse, swallowing the paint accidentally. But you want to keep your toddlers from ingesting nail polish, whether toxic or non-toxic. 


You want a nail polish that is odor-free and easy for your kid to breathe around during and after the treatment. Toxic ingredients in the mix are usually what cause the strong smell of traditional nail polish. So if you do settle for an organic brand, you want to make sure that it doesn’t come with a foul odor. 

What Is A Nail Polish

Quick Drying 

Many of the best nail polishes for toddlers are made with a water-based ingredient that is quick drying. This way, you can quickly get your toddler’s nail polish and have it dried in no time. Of course, this will also be useful when you want to teach a thing or two about manicure and pedicure, so you want to check for this feature in your selected product. 

Application and Remover 

You will also have to consider the ease of application and remover when shopping for manicures and pedicures for kids. This means that it has to include tools for getting the paint on the nails and getting it out when you want. But since the majority are made from a water-based ingredient, getting your makeup out may not be much of an issue. Still, you want to make sure it something you can easily and quickly do. 

Toddler Safe Nail Polish Final Note 

Nail polish for kids is an excellent way to get them started on makeup. And you want to ensure that you shop for non-toxic options that are odorless and easy to use. You can find many options available in the market that will be safe for toddlers, and you can always check out the list above if you are critical about which ones to opt for.

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