How to Use Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oils

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Last Updated on July 13, 2022

We all know how satisfying it is when our clothes smell good after using dry sheets. But did you know that dry sheets can be harmful to your fabrics and also for you and your family? Turns out, there are a couple of disadvantages using dry sheets such as:

  1. Dry sheets lessen the effectiveness of fire-resistant clothing.
  2. Dry sheets lessen the absorbing capabilities of towels.
  3. Stearic acid coatings present in dry sheets disable wicking capabilities of activewear and socks.

So, what else can we use as an alternative for dry sheets that will not harm our clothes and our family? Surprisingly, wool dryer balls with Essential oils can be a better replacement for them. They are both organic and you can choose which scent you prefer.

What Are the Advantages of Using Wool Dryer Balls?

The advantages of using wool dryer balls instead of dry sheets are:


  • Wool dryer balls are made from natural materials, and they reduce static more as compared to dry sheets.
  • They also speed up drying times which also save you time and money. They are also cost-effective and reusable. 
  • Wool dryer balls cost around $17, but they can last for up to 3 years depending on your usage. You can also create your wool dryer ball if you have time. You can watch this tutorial on how to make wool dryer balls
  • Wool also is biodegradable; thus, you are not only saving your money but also saving the planet. 

Why use Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been used thousands of years ago and traces of it were found in tombs in pyramids. Early Greek physicians also mentioned aromatic oil massages and plant essences for their mood-enhancing and healing properties. Essential oils were seen as valuable items before that some people try to steal them from tombs.

Dr. Jean Valnet used therapeutic oils during WWII and even published books such as Aromatherapy, treatment of the illnesses by the essences of plantsHealth by fruits, vegetables and cereals, Doctor Nature, and Herbal medicine, treatment of the illnesses by the plants.

Different health benefits can be reaped from essential oils such as:

  1. It Helps in Improving Mental Health Conditions such as Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

There are certain types of essential oils such as lavender that showed positive results in helping people improve their stress level and cope up with anxiety1. Essential oils used during massages are also proven to provide relief from stress2.

  1. It Helps Improve Sleep Quality and Relieves Insomnia.

It has also been found that smelling Lavender oil has a positive effect on the sleeping quality of patients with heart disease3 and women after childbirth4.

  1. Effective as Insect Repellants.

There are also studies conducted that proven its capacity to repel specific mosquito species for a certain period by some oils such as citronella when combined with vanillin56. However, they are not as effective as the man-made mosquito repellents that can prevent bites from different species of mosquitoes for longer periods of time78.

Essential oils are plant-based which is one of the reasons many people are resorting to using them instead of chemical-based products. 


How to Use Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oils?

  1. Choose your Essential Oil

You need to choose your preferred scent for the essential oil. I use Lavender Essential oil of Young Living Everyday Oils. It has calming and relaxing properties that I like especially when I am about to go to sleep. Other scents that I use are:

  • Rosemary- this scent goes well with lemon. These two work greatly for smell fighting germs.
  • Thyme- this scent was used during WWII as a disinfectant in hospitals.
  • Lemon- this scent has energizing and disinfecting qualities which makes clothes smell fresh and clean.
  • Peppermint- this has an invigorating scent. Its cool and minty scent helps stimulate the mind.

What Can Be Used as an Alternative for Dry Sheets?

  1. Add your Preferred Essential Oil.

You may now drop your preferred essential oil on the unscented wool dryer balls. You can put 3 or more drops depending on your preference. Spread the oil around the ball so that the scent will be distributed evenly on the clothes.

  1. Let them Dry.

I encourage you to let the wool balls dry for a couple of minutes. This can allow the scent to sink and prevent the oils from staining the clothes. In my experience, I sometimes forget to do this part since I am always in a hurry to finish my laundry and so far, I haven’t had any trouble when it comes to stain, but if you want to be cautious, always allow the balls to dry for 3 to 4 minutes before tossing them in. 

  1. Toss them In.

After letting it sit, you can now toss in your scented wool dryer balls 10 minutes before your dryer ends on low or no heat. This can prevent your clothes from burning since essential oils are technically flammable.

  1. Enjoy!

Now, you can enjoy your clean, fresh, and customized scented laundry! Plus, they are natural and safe for your family. 


You can now ditch your dry sheets that are endangering your family’s health and destroying your clothes’ useful properties and transition to a more organic and safe laundry measure by using wool dryer balls with essential oils. While you are doing laundry, you are also doing aromatherapy which is helpful for your body as well. You can try buying essential oils from  Young Living Everyday Oils as they have a variety of oils which you can choose from. If you have questions, suggestions, or clarifications, please feel free to leave us a comment. 

Again, if you are having difficulties on how to use wool dryers with essential oils after you ditched your dry sheets, here are the steps:

  • Choose and add your preferred essential oil.
  • Let your wool dryer balls dry.
  • Toss them in 10 minutes before the dryer ends.
  • Enjoy the scent of your laundry.

As long as you follow the steps, nothing could go wrong. Have a happy and relaxing laundry day!

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