How To Use Gelatin For Hair Thickening

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Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Can you use gelatin for hair thickening? There are lots of people who are experiencing hair thinning and loss. And this can be a result of several factors. However, research has found two leading causes for baldness. It could either be as a result of a genetic factor or simply due to stress on your system. A poor diet and the use of wrong cosmetic products are some of the things that could also trigger hair loss. 

I have personally found out that to ensure hair thickening, you have to boost your hair growth. Doing this wouldn’t allow for thicker hair overnight. You have to ensure that your follicles remain healthy. To do this, you have to apply natural growth supplements to your scalp consistently. This will, in turn, provide thicker and fuller hair over time.

In this piece, I will be discussing the use of gelatin to provide hair thickness. Most people already know that biotin can allow for beautiful and fuller hair. It is considered a very popular supplement in the beauty niche. 

However, most recently, people have been turning to gelatin to help amp up their skin and beauty care. They use the supplement to get longer and healthier hair. They use the supplement to get longer nails. They also use the supplement to provide glowing skin.

This means that gelatin is very much useful in the beauty niche, just as biotin. This supplement has its unique benefits and works quite well with biotin.

What Is Gelatin?

When collagen is cooked, you get gelatin. It is a protein that is gotten from collagen. It has a unique combo of amino acids, which may be why it is popular because of its role in improving brain function. It allows for healthy skin and joints. It enables nails to grow longer. This means that women who are obsessed with long nails no longer need to fix them. They just need to use this wonderful supplement to grow theirs.

What is Gelatin

Does Gelatin Work For Hair Thickening?

Gelatin, as well as glycine, are quite remarkable for hair growth. Experts suggest that gelatin would work effectively when used with a protein-rich diet. Gelatin is a derivation from the collagen of byproducts and animal bones. This might sound disturbing to vegans and vegetarians.

However, if you enjoy eating meat, then consuming gelatin isn’t different from your regular beef. In fact, you have probably been consuming it for a while without knowing. This is because it is found in foods like marshmallows, gummy bears, and Jell-O’s.

Instead of constantly consuming candies to improve your follicles, there are other healthier options. You can add gelatin powder to your conditioners and shampoos. This would provide you with great results. You can also add the glycine powder to a cup of coffee or tea. Do this daily and notice remarkable changes.

Keep in mind that when adding glycine to your beverages, ensure the beverages are hot. This is because the compound doesn’t mix well with cold beverages.

Unflavored Gelatin Powder Anti Aging Collagen Supplements

What Other Natural Methods Can Enable Hair Thickening?


You must have heard of biotin by now. Past users believe this supplement to work very effectively. So, I urge you to try it out. Biotin is remarkable when used consistently. Also, to get better results, it is best to use the supplement with vitamin B.

There are capsules for biotin. However, it is best to opt for beauty supplements that combine biotin with vitamins and minerals. This will allow for beneficial skin health.

Orange Puree

An orange puree is rich in vitamin C, acid, and pectin. And this can be beneficial to the follicles in several ways. The vitamins and nutrients in orange puree improve luster. And this will, in turn, allow for thickening.

While the acid helps to break apart harmful residues left in the follicles. Old residues might impair growth. This is why orange puree is a very effective beauty solution. It doesn’t just improve hair growth but ensures it stays healthy. Also, it leaves a pleasant smell during treatment that makes the experience more enjoyable.

Aloe Vera Gel

Lots of people speak highly of the help aloe Vera provides to the skin and scalp. Applying Aloe Vera onto the scalp helps to strengthen the follicle and thicken it. It does this over time, as long as it is used consistently.

You can also consider commercial products containing Aloe Vera. These products come in the form of lotions and gels, which allow for an easy application onto the scalp.

You can simply apply Aloe Vera onto the scalp for a DIY solution and leave it for about 30 mins. Afterward, you rinse the solution. This will also prove effective as long as you maintain consistency. I recommend using this treatment at least twice every week.

Take Away

Gelatin is a helpful product for hair thickening. However, I recommend purchasing it I its powder form. It makes it easier to use.

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