Caffeine In Yerba Mate Vs Coffee

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Last Updated on July 15, 2022

Wondering how much caffeine in yerba mate vs coffee? You surely want to know if you have been taking too much of any of the beverages lately. And while there are many ways caffeine can be useful to the body, you want to be careful not to drink too much. So how much exactly is the caffeine content in your cup of coffee and yerba mate? You can find out more below.

What Is Yerba Mate 

The South American shrub is popular for its medicinal properties. It has more healing properties than green tea, which is one reason it is popular in many homes. But one of the many compounds contained in the shrub is caffeine, and it does contain more than your regular green tea. And this is why you want to know exactly how much you consume daily. What Is Yerba Mate 


Some of the ways you will find Yerba Mate to be beneficial to the body include 

  • It helps improve mental wellbeing by stimulating the mind and body.
  • Aids in reducing bad cholesterol, obesity, type-2 diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis.
  • You will also benefit from its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also serve as a natural laxative.
  • It is also high in antioxidants which help aid in the body’s immune fighting abilities.

What About Coffee?

On the other hand, coffee is a traditional beverage that has been used over the ages to improve productivity. Known to aid in increasing muscle and brain function instantaneously, there are many ways you could benefit from a freshly brewed cup. And if you take it often, you want to know how much is too much for you.


Whether you choose to start your day with a cup of coffee or enjoy one any other time, some of the ways you could benefit from it are:

  • Improve cognitive function leading to more mental alertness and productivity.
  • Due to its laxative properties, it can help with digestion.
  • It could also help in regulating glucose levels, helping to prevent the chances of type-2 diabetes.
  • Due to its antioxidative properties, it could help with widening the arteries reducing the chances of atherosclerosis.

 Caffeine In Yerba Mate Vs Coffee

Just how much coffee is in a cup of coffee and Yerba Mate? And if you have been following closely, you will guess it could be on the high side. In a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or Mate is nearly 80mg of coffee. But the aftereffect is different for both drinks. 

You will likely be getting a strong dose of quick stimulating caffeine effect for the coffee pot that could get critical when in excess. Too much, and you could experience jitteriness and weakness of the body.

On the other hand, Yerba Mate could serve as a suitable coffee substitute as it is a lot milder even when you have had several cups. Compared to coffee, the caffeine in YM is less jittery, but you want to also take care of how much you drink. The adaptogenic properties of YM make for a soothing and stimulating beverage that rarely throws you off balance. Packed with muscle relaxing compounds such as theobromine and theophylline, you rarely get any of the negative effects associated with coffee.

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Coffee is highly acidic, and too much consumption could spell doom for ulcer patients. It could also heighten the risk of Crohn’s disease, gastritis, heartburn, and acid reflux. You could also suffer from occasional burnout and tiredness if you drink more cups daily.  

On the other hand, Yerba Mate could throw those with sensitivity to coffee off since it does pack a quick-acting punch. And this could result in a dislike for the beverage or drinking too much to get the desired effect. So it may be a good idea to pick the one you are comfortable with.

How Many Cups Should You Drink Daily?

For those looking for a beverage that is safe to consume daily, you can find any of the two to be ideal for a productive day. What you want to take note of is how many cups you drink daily. For coffee lovers, you should be able to get past the day with four cups of the beverage. But you also want to make sure that you get enough water as well to balance your hydration.

You can consume up to six cups of Yerba Mate daily, provided you get the proper diet. Pregnant women should reduce consumption by half, and you want to avoid using caffeine on kids. It is also worth checking with your doctor if you have any medical condition that could worsen caffeine intake.

How Many Cups Should You Drink Daily

Final Note

Now you know how much caffeine is in yerba mate vs coffee, you should be able to decide which would be best for you. Four cups of coffee and up to six cups of YM should be enough for a day.

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