What are the Best Essential Oils to Keep Flies Away?

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Are there any essential oils to keep flies away? As we’re now much more inclined to using natural products, we can’t help but wonder if there are some essential oils specifically made for flies. While there is no such thing as essential oil made solely for dealing with flies, as there are a lot of essential oils that have qualities that repel pests, they are often used to get rid of flies. 

If you’re interested to know more about essential oils and which ones are effective when it comes to repelling flies, below is an informative guide and a list for you to take note of:

What are Essential Oils?

First, let’s identify what these oils are. Basically, essential oils are often used in aromatherapy and are deemed as an alternative form of medicine. However, it goes beyond that as they are also used in other aspects like home remedies, cosmetics, and now as repellents? Yes, some do use these oils for such cases.

This is because these oils, which are extracted from plants, are very potent, and some of their properties are effective repellents.

Each essential oil has its own aroma, flavor, essence, and usages. They have a lot of varieties as their sources are varied as well. With all of these options, it may overwhelm you, but choosing an essential oil that keeps flies away is easier now that we’ve come up with a list that you can follow.

Why Use Essential Oils

Before we proceed with the list, it’s important that you know what these oils’ benefits are. Aside from the health benefits you’ll get, these are also some advantages you’ll have when you opt for an essential oil to use as a repellant:


If don’t want to use repellents that are loaded with chemicals, then switching to essential oils is the best route to go. They are much more natural, so this makes them good for the environment. What’s more is that some oils have a pleasing aroma, so this means that you’re not drowning your room with fake scents but natural ones only. 

What are the Best Essential Oils to Keep Flies Away


Because most oils are not mixed with other harsh chemicals, they are safer to use. If you’re worried about the flies in your home, you don’t have to rely on dangerous chemicals just to get rid of them. Instead, why not use essential oils.  


As mentioned above, as these oils are extracted from plants, they are very potent. Their essence is bottled in this tiny container, yet you don’t need much as they are potent. So, you can certainly make a repellent out of them and not waste your resources. They are effective, and they don’t cost you that much. 


Because essential oils are consistently popular in the market, getting one is not so difficult. You can buy essential oils from your local health and wellness shops, and you can also purchase one on the internet. As long as you know that the seller is reliable and is selling you pure essential oil, then you’re good to go. Just don’t forget to read reviews so that you’re sure that the oil that you’re buying is high-quality. 


Lastly, while essential oils, especially the pure ones, are quite pricey, as they’re potent, you don’t need much in order to make an effective repellent anyway. So, you can save money in the long run. Besides, there are certain brands that are not as expensive, so you can still buy them even if you’re short on money. 

Essential Oils to Keep Flies Away

Now that you’re aware of this, we can now proceed to the list of the best essentials oils that you can use to keep the flies away. Chose from any of the oils below:

What are the Best Essential Oils to Keep Flies Away

Basil – It has a calming aroma and can also be used in food preparation when not in a form of potent oil.

Citronella – It’s an excellent bug repellent not only for flies but mosquito as well. It has a floral and grassy smell.

Clove – It can stimulate the brain, making you more alert. It’s a great pest and weed killer as well.

Eucalyptus – It has a powerful, soothing smell to us humans, but insects hate it.

What are the Best Essential Oils to Keep Flies Away

Geranium – With just a few drops of it, it can already repel ticks, bugs, and other pests.

Lavender – Pleasant to the smell, the lavender gives off a sweet, lovely fragrance that humans like but insects don’t. 

Thyme – Another plant that can be used for cooking is Thyme. It’s most effective when used against mosquitoes, but it’s also great when repelling flies. 

What are the Best Essential Oils to Keep Flies Away

Lemongrass – It has a sharp yet pleasant smell to it. It can be used not only in cooking but in repelling insects too. 

Mint – Just like the eucalyptus, mint has this refreshing, cool aroma that repels insects right away. 

Rosemary – This can be used in the kitchen as well. It has a lovely aroma that we like but insects don’t. 

Tansy – This has been a plant that has been cultivated for years to be used as one of the ingredients for insect repellents. 

These are some of the most popular oils that you can use to make fly repellent sprays. You can either use one or a combination of them. Just blend the ones that you like and see if the mixture is effective. As they are great insect repellents anyway, I’m sure that the flies will hate them, no matter what combination you’ll use. 

Check the next inexpensive Natural Fly Repellent Recipe that you can use outside or inside your home:

These are the essential oils used for this recipe:

  • Clove oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Citronella oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Lemon Grass oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Cedar Wood oil
  • Geraniol
  • Linseed oil
  • Beeswax Pellets
  • Plastic hangers


Flies are dangerous as they can possibly give us diseases. However, now that we’re aware of what essential oils to use, we can now rest knowing that we’re not only getting rid of the flies, but we’re also using a much more natural and safer product. 

Do you have questions pertaining to the oils suggested above? Leave your comments below if you have suggestions. Let’s have a cleaner and safer environment by sharing your ideas with others. Remember, flies should not be tolerated, so use any of the recommended oils above.