Will Good Bacteria Die If I Use Colloidal Silver? 

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Colloidal silver was first used for medical purposes in I981 by B.C. Crede, a surgeon to sterilize wounds. Since this time, Colloidal silver has been popularly known for being effective. It is great for the control of different types of dangerous microscopic organisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The Good Bacteria

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You may be one of those who are surprised to see the word ‘good’ used with a bacterium. You must have believed that all bacteria are bad. This is not the case, there are some good bacteria. 

More On The Benefits Of Good Bacteria

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A good thing that should be understood is that apart from the cells and fluids that made up the human body, bacteria is another major component. Therefore, having a good number of bacteria in the human body ensures good health

Colloidal Silver Benefit

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When looking for a supplement that supports your immune system, Colloidal silver is your best bet. It is the choice of many for daily support against dangerous invasive microorganisms. 

Are Good Bacteria Safe With Colloidal Silver?

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The answer is that when you use Colloid silver properly, the good bacteria are safe. This is because you can easily absorb and circulate quality Colloid silver with pure nanoparticles throughout the body before it gets to the good bacteria. 

The Importance Of Monitoring

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Different people use Colloidal Silver for different purposes, some use it as a supplement for their immune functions just like an antibiotic while other people used it for preventive purposes, to maintain the balance. 

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