What Is An Essential Oil That Smells Like Coconut? 

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You may be wondering, is there an essential oil that smells like coconut?  For the most part, if you want an essential oil like coconut, you might as well go with the real thing.  However, many essential oils are mixed with coconut oil.   

Tropical Smelling Essential Oil

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Some beautiful smells that you may recognize are jasmine, lemongrass, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and coconut.  You can make combinations of these essential oils for your home.   

More Ways To Make Your House Smell Like Coconut

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Another way you can help your house smell like coconut is to add your essential oil blend into your cleaning products. I like to add essential oil that smells like coconut into my water before I mop the floors.   

How Does An Oil Diffuser Work?

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The diffuser then pushes the water with the essential oil out into the air for you to breathe.  Not only will this create a great smell throughout your home, but it is really good for your health.  

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