What Are The Best Essential Oils To Blend Together? 

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Mixing essential oils can be tricky. You have to learn about the different essential oils, how to blend them and use them to improve your health and beauty. The secret to essential oils is in the mix. so, keep reading to find out.

Why Blend Essential Oil? 

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When added in a mix, essential oils are more potent and produce the desired result quickly when combined with other compounds.  

Before You Blend Essential Oil

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You must know that aromatherapy works differently based on the individual. Your perfect citrus mint blend may not be pleasant for your partner.

Grouping Your Essential Oil 

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The best way to ensure you don’t miss the scent is to group the oils accordingly. By chemical composition, I am referring to the compounds contained in the oil. 

The Effect 

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- Calming  - Anxiety   - Energizer   - Detox  

By Scent  

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- Herbal   - Flowery  - Spicy  - Woody  - Citrus

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