The Shocking Natural Alternative To Propranolol 

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The natural alternative that you can use depends on why you are needing to take propranolol.  There are different natural alternatives for migraines versus anxiety.   Overall, Propranolol works because it is a beta-blocker.

What Are Some Herbs That Act As Beta-Blockers?

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Natural medicine is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years around the world.  So many plants and herbs contain rich health benefits just from eating them raw!   

What Are Some More Replacements For Propranolol?

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It is always good to eat a lot of different colors of vegetables.  Try to eat something for every color of the rainbow.  Having a diet high in fruits and vegetables will help keep your blood pressure low.   

Managing Stre

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Another great natural alternative to propranolol is managing your stress levels.   Try techniques such as meditation or massage to relax the body.  Avoid overworking yourself to exhaustion.   

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