The Amazing Top Mullein Garlic Oil Benefits 

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Natural medicines are things that come directly from nature with no chemical processing.  They have been used for centuries by all of our Sapien ancestors.  It is the original medicine: nature. 

What Is Mullein Garlic Oil?

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Mullein garlic oil is a combination of dried Mullein herbs and a garlic extract.  The herbs are dried and pressed to create an essential oil. 

How To Use Garlic Mullein Oil?

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One method of consumption is to drop 3-5 drops into a small glass of water.  Always read the instructions recommended on the mullein garlic oil bottle.    

Mullein For The Lung

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Simply soak the herb in a pot of hot water and consume immediately. This will loosen the phlegm in your system as well as act as an expectorant.  An expectorant is something that helps stop you from coughing. 

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