Sous Vide Plastic Substitute 

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Sous vide is a unique cooking method developed in France. It means “under vacuum” as it allows for the preparation of vacuum-sealed meals in a temperature-regulated bath. This method enables consistency that you wouldn’t find in other culinary methods. 

What Are the Benefits Of Sous Vide?

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As already stated, using the “Under vacuum” cooking technique allows flavor and nutrients to retain in meals. You get to feel the taste of every ingredient, covered with a nice color as well. 

What Are the Drawbacks Of Sous Vide?

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There are certain drawbacks of under vacuum cooking. Sous vide without plastic will eliminate the char-grilled taste from meals.  

What Are The Best Alternatives For Sous Vide Plastic?

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-Wax Your Meal With A High Melting Point -Make Use Of Glass -Make Use Of Anything Protective -Make Use Of Silicon

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