Should I Be Worried My Salt Lamp Is Sweating? 

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These lamps are often common in modern homes, offices, stores, and many other places. They are made from Himalayan salt and absorb moisture from damp surroundings. And for the most part, they last longer with simple maintenance tips. 

How Does It Work?

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When you put a light bulb in the Himalayan salt holder, it shines with a moderate pink color. The natural sensation released is highly beneficial compared to other lights.  

Why Do Salt Lamps Leak?

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Where you sit, your lamp determines the level of fluid it draws to itself. If you place it in a highly moist area, your lamp becomes sweatier as if it just came out of the shower. 

Dangers Of A Leaking Salt Lamp

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-Salt Lamps Are Prone to Corrosion -Electrical Vulnerability -Harmful to Pets -Dangerous For Infants

Three Possible Fixes For A Sweaty Salt Lamp

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-Clean With A Simple Wipe -Scrape Off Salt Crystal -Don’t Wash It – Why Is My Salt Lamp Sweating -Store With An Airtight Plastic Bag

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